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September 28, 2003

Lee Westwood


Q. An amazing month for you?

LEE WESTWOOD: After three weeks in America before my win in Munich you would never have thought I would be sitting here with two trophies. I didn't exactly pull up any trees in the States but it just shows you how quickly it can turn around.

Q. Now you seem to like the Old Course?

LEE WESTWOOD: Yes, I've learned to like it. I actually look forward to going out there ands playing it now. It just seems to have clicked with me. I've grasped it. It was very frustrating before but that's the kind of course it it and I managed to make just one bogey all week on the second today aftger a poorish tee shot into the bunker. Great only to make one bogey all week.

Q. Quite emotional coming up 18?

LEE WESTWOOD: Yes, the feeling up 18 was very emotional. With a one shot lead anything can happen with that Valley of Sin there and the flag is cut the closest I've ever seen to the Valley and when I chipped it I thought it was perfect and ran 20 feet past. I said don't hit this too hard or it will run back down there.

Q. Where do your rate this one?

LEE WESTWOOD: This win is very high up. I always find it hard to separate them. They all take a lot of winning but this one at St andrews is right up there. People said I didn't have a links game but I've proved them all wrong now! This is very high up. Fantastic field and one of the most important events. I am thrilled and delighted. It moves me up the World Ranking, the Volvo Oreder of Merit and massive Ryder Cup points as well. I've just got to keep going and plugging away and workring hard with David (Leadbetter). I am in the American Express next week and probably the majors again next year which is where I want to be, the WGC events. I spoke to David last night but he wanted to talk about Chubby Chandler's game!

Q. What was the worst part of the last few years about this course?

LEE WESTWOOD: The fact that I couldn't play it. It was frustrating. You can't see all the dangers out there, but the more you play it the more you learn where the trouble is and where to hit it. On 17 today I could have hit three clubs - I could hit 6 iron way left, 7 iron short right or 5 iron straight at it.

Q. The third shot at the 16th?

LEE WESTWOOD: The putt? It was near enough 150 feet, 50 yards.

I can't remember anyone playing 72 holes without a bogey. I know Tiger went for 71 in the American Express last year (NB it was David J Russell in 1992). It's a massive achievement only to have one bogey all week.

The technique I have and the tuition from David I am working on seems to be taking me in the right direction. A few months ago in America I didn't have a safe shot. I do now. It's a funny game isn't it? I can't explain it. Things were going in the right direction but I didn't have that one thing I needed to make it all click, but I've found it.

Q. Does this show the critics?

LEE WESTWOOD: Yes, I think so. It was very nince to win again in Munich but I didn't feel totally comfortable. It was never going to test my game like these three courses. I realised after Munich that a lot of people were happy I had won again and it's nice to so it so q uickly. Darren was great today. We are the best of friends and I couldn't have played with anybody any better. We had a really nice day out there. If Darren had birdied 16 and I missed my putt he would have been one behind. He said: great par on 17 when I made par.

Q. Did you have any doubts?

LEE WESTWOOD: Oh, yes, in America eight weeks ago. I made a double down the last to miss the cut and doubts creep in and you just have to convince yourself that you are doing the right thing and it's all come good.

Q. How different is your swing now to your peak?

LEE WESTWOOD: I don't think it looks much different but it certainly feels different. I just used to rely on hitting hard fades, but I have more shots now. To come out and win so quickly again is great. Many times I despaired. The low point? I don't talk about it any more!

Q. You seem to be a good winner. When you have a chance, you take it?

LEE WESTWOOD: Yes, I like it under intense pressure and I love it when people say I am a good winner. It gives me more confidence. When you standon the range for 6 or 7 hours and graft, why not enjoy it when you stand on the last with a one shot lead? That's why I worked hard. There is no point in being nervous - just control it and get on and win the tournament. I wasn't aware that Ernie birdied the 17th and 18th but on 16 I heard a bit roar and felt he had made birdie on 17.

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