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March 12, 2016

Charley Hoffman

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. Charley, hard being out there, man. I called that bunker shot at 15 and what a great shot on 16 out of the rough.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: 15 was sort of licking my chops. All I had to do was get out of the bunker and funnel down to the hole. 16 was aiming for the center of the green, pushed it a little bit and was lucky enough to land it short and trickle up there close.

Actually hit a good putt. Looking outside left and sort of stayed there and another good putt on 17 and unfortunate bogey on 18.

Q. Hard as this golf course is right now, the greens are slow but that's not what's making this course tough.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The wind is tricky out there, changing a little bit. 18 got me. I actually got up and it was in from the right. I came in short on the bunker. That happens out here in the trees and, all in all, a pretty good day.

Played solid. Lot of good birdie chances early, front 9, then missed a few greens. Made a bunker shot on 8 and made another bunker shot on 15 which obviously is a bonus and played pretty solid and happy with my round.

Q. To get to 5-under through 54 holes, what's been working with your game?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know what, everything is pretty good. When I get out of position I've been able to get it near where I can get it up and down. I haven't made many bogies on a golf course that you can get on a string of bogies pretty fast. It could happen early tomorrow. Made some birdies, sort of equal everything out and hopefully the leaders don't go too far in front me.

Q. How different is the mindset with the scores we're seeing?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The greens are a little shaky this week. It's hard to make putts. I guess it comes down to get a little lucky on the greens and also got to hit it pretty well.

Q. Hole as many bunker shots as possible.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Aim for the again on the par-3s tomorrow. It worked out today.

Q. Charley Hoffman, stopped by to say hello. Talk us through your round today, 67. How happy are you with the Valspar?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Almost had a blemish free card. Happy to keep it in front of me and make a few birdies. Have a good, solid round.

Q. What about the stretch coming in, then the par 3, first of all?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Pulled a 5-iron just a bit. Barely trickled in there, had straight downhill, and was able to find the bottom of the hole.

Q. Nice little one there. Following up, take you through the closing stretch. Obviously the Snake Pit. This one of the shots of the day, what about this?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Just trying to sort of hit the center of the green. Pushed it a little bit and was able to land barely short, softened it up coming from the rough. Trickled in three feet, hit a good putt. Unfortunately, didn't go in.

Q. The greens were re-surfaced a year ago. Got to stay patient out here on the greens.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The leaders are only 8-under par. People aren't making a lot of putts. Got to stay patient. Hopefully I can keep it in the bunkers and making birdies.

Q. 5-under position heading into Sunday. What do you think it's going to take?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Obviously the forecast is wind and rain tomorrow. I have no idea. Hopefully whatever I shoot will be on top of the leaderboard.

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