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March 12, 2016

Archie Miller

Dyshawn Pierre

Scoochie Smith

Brooklyn, New York

Saint Joseph's - 82, Dayton - 79

ARCHIE MILLER: Congratulations to St. Joe's. Fantastic team. Really, really difficult to defend, especially from a front court perspective with the way they shoot the ball. They made 10 threes and some timely ones, especially at the end of the game. You've got to give them some credit. But they're a really good team, and preparing for them two times this year, they have some real answers for us.

I was proud of our guys, though, in terms of what we've been doing here the last couple weeks. We really wanted to play for the championship. I think this Atlantic 10 championship here at Barclays is something special, and it's great for our league. Unfortunately we'll have to wait here for a couple more years to get back here to try it again, but we played hard. We played hard here the last couple weeks, and I think we really battled yesterday, really battled again today, and I think as we move forward, we're just going to have to get a little confidence shooting the ball. A couple balls go in, the game changes, and in this next tournament, it only takes one game to make something special happen. That's what we're moving towards into next week.

Q. Scoochie, you guys are going to finally get a chance to play a team that's not in your league, so you're going to be able to go up against someone here in the NCAA Tournament that's not so familiar with your personnel. Are you going to embrace that and do you think this will be a good reset as you get a few days to rest and build up for that tournament? How do you think you'll have an advantage against a team you'll get faced up with in the first round?
SCOOCHIE SMITH: The advantage we'll have is doing what we do, just having the same mindset that we had coming into this tournament, just bringing it to where we go next weekend. We just stay together and just keep doing what we do, we'll be fine and have our own advantage.

Q. Dyshawn, what is it about St. Joe's? Archie had mentioned their size down low and they hit some three-pointers so it was kind of a double attack, but the way their personnel runs, what gives them an advantage over you guys, and was there anything in particular that they threw at you today that was different from what you had seen in the previous game?
DYSHAWN PIERRE: Tonight I think their big men hit a lot of big shots, from Papa Ndao to Miles. They were just really good at spreading the floor and hitting threes and the open shots they got they made them and we just missed a couple shots that we were supposed to make.

Q. Coach, your team was getting out in transition a lot, both halves. How integral do you believe that is to your success offensively?
ARCHIE MILLER: Transition is our whole deal. We pretty much pride ourselves on being able to play with the tempo, especially when our defense is on, and I think last couple days our defense has been on, and it's gave us opportunities to get out in transition, which is a big thing. Our made field goals and whatnot, I think we have to play faster. I think we have to push the ball even harder. But transition is something we take a lot of pride in.

Q. What happened defensively on some of the three-pointers that Papa Ndao was hitting in the second half when you guys were making a run at getting back into this?
ARCHIE MILLER: Well, they do a really nice job with their ball screen actions in particular. They set a ton of doubles and staggers and they have two guys in the ball screen action that both can shoot threes. Most of the time you don't have that when you're dealing with certain teams. We try to keep our match-ups as they are, and we put two on the ball as much as we can. I thought we got dragged out a couple times, and you've got to give that guy credit. He made 4 for 10 from three, four threes in the game. I don't know if he's hit four recently, his last five or six games. It takes guys to step up. He's a veteran player on a good team. He had his opportunities, and he cashed in. That's how you win at this time of year. Somebody steps up and just makes some big plays, and I give him credit, some back breakers, but let's not forget that they maybe have two co-players of the year player in the league. They have DeAndre' Bembry, who is the player of the year in the league, and then they have Isaiah Miles who may be the most improved player nationally and could have been the player of the league if you ask a couple coaches in our conference. I mean, when you have a front court player that can shoot and rebound the way he does, he's hard to deal with. He really is.

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