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March 11, 2016

Will MacKenzie

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. Nice round out there today. What was key for you?
WILL MACKENZIE: Solid putting, Mark. Some dicey ball striking, to say the least. Haven't gotten away with some pretty bad ball-striking but hitting -- hit some great shots, too, that were, you know, important shots, you know, coming in there on 16, you know, you have to hit two good ones there to give yourself a great look and, you know, there's just a lot of tough shots out there.

I'm hitting a lot of good, tough shots but I'm also hitting it kind of bad. I just need to clean that up. I know what I'm doing in my golf swing but the putter is just saving my life right now.

Q. I saw you out there, a couple different putter grips out there as far as how you put your hands on the putter.
What's behind that?

WILL MACKENZIE: I don't know. It goes into the claw or the saw, some version of the saw. You know, I start with it regular, you know, like a rogue, traditional versus overlap and then I kind go into the claw. From long range maybe I'll putt regular but there's a lot of release in that one. Sometimes I'll hit a home run. So, the claw kind of tones it down a little about.

Q. You made that one at 18 was big from 37 feet. Been a slow start for you this year. Any particular reason behind that?
WILL MACKENZIE: Like I was telling the other guys, you know, I just wasn't ready to play early when I came back from knee surgery in the Fall Series. And I played kind of poor. I think I made three of the six cuts but I came in last in everyone.

I didn't make any money. And then I got on the West Coast and I just started hitting it okay out there but I was putting so poorly. I played really nice in Vegas and missed the cut. I putted awful. It was like run away to a little room and just want to hide-type bad.

You know, you can't play great, you cannot even play remotely well putting that poorly. It doesn't matter if you're Adam Scott. You need to be able to putt decent to at least make a decent amount of money.

So, whatever. I'm just -- I think I got it all going in the right direction now and, like I said to George, I don't want to feel like my back is against the wall. I've got plenty of events. You make 90 percent of your money ten percent of the time. That's what I plan on.

Q. All it takes is one. How was the weather and wind?
WILL MACKENZIE: It's awesome. Every shot is important, every shot is tough. Even your wedge shot from 106 can be playing right at 120 or it can be playing 85, you know, depending on the wind.

You have to hit it crisp. There's a decent amount of rough out there that makes greenside pitch shots very -- pretty difficult and the greens are slower than normal, just because they're new and they've got overseeded, but it's probably dying. There's no telling what the weekend is going to bring with these greens. It's going to be interesting.

Q. Great start and good luck this weekend, buddy.
WILL MACKENZIE: Thank you so much.

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