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March 11, 2016

George McNeill

Palm Harbor, Florida

GEORGE MCNEILL: I don't want to say it played easier this morning. The greens played a little better there morning, little smoother. He got off to a good start and I did.

Q. What was the difference between today and yesterday?
GEORGE MCNEILL: About 8 shots for me. And so, it was just -- I made more putts. That was pretty simple. I hit it okay yesterday, I just didn't make anything. Today I hit it okay again and made a few more putts. So, obviously that's what you need to do.

Q. What was it different condition-wise out there with the wind and the golf course?
GEORGE MCNEILL: Golf course playing the same wind, same direction so if it continues through the weekend, which I think it's forecast to do that, you'll get used to hitting certain shots on certain holes, you know what to expect. You still got to obviously execute that but at least you're somewhat familiar with it.

Q. Well played. Thanks for your time. Good luck this weekend.
GEORGE MCNEILL: Appreciate it. Thank you.

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