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March 10, 2016

John Giannini

Jordan Price

Brooklyn, New York

Davidson - 78, La Salle - 63.

JOHN GIANNINI: I think we really played hard. I think we were very well-prepared defensively. I just give Davidson a ton of credit. I just am always so impressed with their execution and with their shot-making ability. I thought my team really got better in the last month. I think all the minutes that guys got are just going to make them much smarter, more confident basketball players. I'm beyond excited about next year. This year was painful, but sometimes that happens, whether it's programs or individuals in lives. I just think that we're going to be very experienced, very talented, very deep, and I think that this year will pay dividends that we just can't see right now, but I can see them in the future. Really proud of the guys. Jordan is right here next to me, and he's one of the ones I'm particularly proud of, and I think Jordan's leadership got stronger and stronger throughout the year, especially tonight, and again, I think that we're going to have more experience, more depth, a lot more help and talent in the future, and this will all pay off.

Q. What do you guys take out of playing better at the end of the year?
JORDAN PRICE: Basically that we could have been doing it the whole year. Faced a lot of adversity this year. Really my main focus right now is just to spend time with my brothers and just console them. We had two seniors, and we didn't do what our plan was, so just be strong for them.

Q. Does it make it better knowing that the three kids sitting out, going forward, this is going to get better?
JORDAN PRICE: Most definitely. Just seeing them in practice and playing against them is just great.

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