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March 10, 2016

Keegan Bradley

Palm Harbor, Florida

KEEGAN BRADLEY: It's been tough. I've been -- it's no fun playing poorly out here. I see all my buddies up there doing well and it feels not fun to feel like you're on the outside looking in.

So, I've been working the hardest in my career. Been working with new coach named Darren May, and we've been really working really hard and it's just nice to see a round where forget about the score, just how I played.

Q. Can you talk about you said the putting was the difference today. Did you feel this coming?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I went back to my short putter, the one I was using earlier in the year. Been working again to see Darren. I've been putting okay, just nothing been going in.

The stroke is tough to look at it everyday. Hit it to ten feet and miss it a bunch of times, you're going to really see that. I made such a good putt on the 8th hole today, my 17th, and that's the putt that's been missing in my rounds lately so that was a big one.

Q. How did you feel with the wind today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, you kind of have to -- I hit some really great shots into the wind which that was tough.

Q. You haven't played here in awhile, several years, correct?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: I played my rookie year and I haven't played since just because when I was at Doral, just a really busy time. It's a tournament I've always wanted to come back and play and I was able to do it this year.

Q. Do you remember much of the course?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. I caddied for my dad here when I was 13 in the J.C. Penney Classic, played with my Aunt Pat and I thought it was so cool. It's fun to be back out here.

Q. Seeing Adam Scott, what he's done the last couple of weeks, how much have you made a mental note of that?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah. It's awesome. I really -- I was surprised how much that felt good for me. I didn't -- other guys have switched, I think done well. To see him win twice and make some putts that actually really did get me motivated, made me feel good. So, thanks for that.

Q. Can you talk about 18 and how the bunkers come into play when you're approaching the green?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: That pin is really tough. I hit a good shot in there, it bounced over the green. Couldn't believe it. So, that hole -- every hole out here is tough. So, you feel like you hit a good drive down there, 75 yards, and lucky to make par.

Q. Can you take us through with your new coach, how it's doing?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Darren is a pro at, teaching pro at the Bears Club. He teaches Camillo. He's got some very progressive ways of practicing. He's got this every ball counts kind of mentality and it's very regimented practice, routines which are pretty interesting and I just -- Jim helped me so much that I was starting to work with Darren and we've been working hard. It's good to see some good scores.

Q. Just starting in January?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it's very recent, even more recent than that.

Q. What happens if you hit a ball that doesn't count?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: That's what I'm trying not to do.

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