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March 10, 2016

Steve Stricker

Palm Harbor, Florida

STEVE STRICKER: Playable. You got to hit good, quality shots and I think what helped were the greens are a little bit slower than normal. If the greens were like they have been in years past with speed, it would have been very, very difficult.

Q. Talk about -- they remodeled the bunkers on 18. Talk about how it comes into play and -- last I heard nobody birdied that hole so far.
STEVE STRICKER: Really it's always been a great hole. It's a narrow driving area and now with those added bunkers there it even puts a little bit more premium on putting it in the fairway. It's always tough to Judge when you're going up that hill on 18 tough to judge the distance and get it pin high and especially with the wind today, it makes it even that more challenging.

Q. Happy belated birthday.
When you sat down before the year, what were your goals for the season, any different than you were at 39?

STEVE STRICKER: Well, it's different. I'm -- I think trying to be healthy. I only played 9 times last year and I was starting to get stronger at the end of the last year but then I take the time off again and you're away from the game and not swinging the club.

So my big goal is to get stronger again and get healthy and be able to swing at it with some speed that I hadn't been able to swing at it with before.

I have been, I've been feeling really well and getting stronger and my game is starting to come around and I'm starting to do some better things so I'm excited to play and excited to be here and yeah, that was the goal starting the year to see how the body would hold up but trying to get stronger and healthier.

Q. Did you get any motivation from Davis, what he did last year at 51 and in what way?
STEVE STRICKER: Just seeing him do it. Just seeing him do it. You know, you're continuing to play out here when you go on the Champions Tour and contend every week for as long as he still hits it and as good a player as he still is. For him to stay out here and win out here was a really cool feat and all the old guys draw off of that, you know, and watching Vijay a couple weeks ago at the Honda playing well, what is he, 53 I think?

It gives you a lot of motivation to stay out here and keep working on your body and keep trying to get stronger and keep trying to play well.

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