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March 10, 2016

Jeff Neubauer

Ryan Rhoomes

Joseph Chartouny

Brooklyn, New York

Richmond - 70, Fordham - 55

JEFF NEUBAUER: Really pleased with the effort our team has given all season, starting with our seniors. We have three seniors that have been terrific, and they've been eager to learn, and they've really led in so many different ways, all the way from our seniors to our freshmen. Tonight Richmond did a lot of good things that made our lives difficult, but just really pleased with what we've gotten out of our team and the way they've competed all season.

Q. What was the message at halftime in that locker room?
RYAN RHOOMES: We just need to go out there and play. Wasn't much of a message. We just wasn't playing as well as we could have played, so we just needed to go out there and play hard.

Q. Ryan, Joe said earlier this week that it's kind of a bad thing for him that he only gets to play one year with you. Looking back on this season so far, what can you say about this one year you've had with a different staff and some new teammates who really stepped up and helped you guys have a successful season?
RYAN RHOOMES: I mean, I wish I had three more years like this, but I give all the praise and all the credit to Coach Neubauer, Coach Crawford, and my teammates for helping me making me the player that I am right now.

Q. Joe, third game against Richmond here today. What did they do to make it so difficult for you guys on offense?
JOSEPH CHARTOUNY: I mean, I think they just played hard, just gave more effort than us, and they didn't turn over the ball like we did.

Q. Coach Mooney just said for Richmond that it's one of the few games they've had all year where their defensive effort carried them. Other than just the way they played harder, effort, did they do anything differently from the first two match-ups on the defensive side?
JOSEPH CHARTOUNY: I think they just finished every play they made instead of us missing lay-ups and just shots, they just almost made everything. So they did a good job with that.

RYAN RHOOMES: They did a good job denying me the ball the first half, not letting me get any touches. I had a hard time scoring. And second half they probably had a hard time with handling me and my teammates. They went out there and did what they had to do. I give them credit. They're a real good team, beat us three times this year.

Q. Ryan, you talked about the first half, denying you touches in the paint. What changed in that second half that you were able to get touches down there?
RYAN RHOOMES: We just made more effort giving me the ball. My team made more of an effort getting me the ball, and I got a lot of offensive rebounds as you can see. Coach Newbauer wanted me to go out there and get every rebound I can, specifically this game, and do what I needed to do to help my teammate.

Q. Ryan, those back to back and-ones during the second half, how much did that lift up the guys in terms of energy?
RYAN RHOOMES: I think it lifted it up lot because I play with a lot passion when I play, as you can see, and when they see that a senior, a guy like me is out there giving a lot of passion and trying to pump up the team, pump up the crowd, it helps them a lot.

Q. What is it like playing over here?
RYAN RHOOMES: I mean, it's fun. Obviously I'm from New York. It's fun to play here in New York, but it's even better to win. If you get a win, it obviously feels a little better. But it's fun playing in front of my home crowd.

Q. 17 wins, still the opportunity for basketball to be played in the postseason. If the opportunity presents itself for the school to be invited, would you accept?
JEFF NEUBAUER: I think it would be a good step for Fordham at this point, and that's something that will play out here over the next few days. Our team is giving great effort, and they've really played together and gotten better. There's certain times I think when you have a team that has a winning record that you're not interested in continuing to play, but our group is so close and they're so excited about basketball that I do think it would be a good idea.

Q. Down the stretch Fordham faded a little bit. Would you say it was a case of running out of gas a little bit because you had so put in so much effort in the second half?
JEFF NEUBAUER: It certainly did feel like that, so I think that's a fair analysis. The biggest thing Richmond did, they're not a pressing team, but we've had so much trouble this year dribbling and catching that you, know, Chris Mooney is a terrific coach, and so they pressed us. It really gave us trouble.

Q. Coach Mooney and ShawnDre` Jones talked about Khwan Fore has really helped them out on the defensive side and Coach Mooney said that he`s so different from our players and so quick defensively. What is he able to do against you guys to help pressure in that one-man press?
JEFF NEUBAUER: Khwan Fore is just a terrific athlete and he plays really hard. The fact that he can guard the ball so well, and I`ve learned so much about guarding the ball one-on-one and what that means over the last four years. Khwan Fore can really guard the ball. So that affects the offense when you've got one guy that's just athletic enough to dominate a dribbler.

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