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March 9, 2016

Jim Crews

Marcus Bartley

Brooklyn, New York

Saint Louis - 83, George Mason - 78

JIM CREWS: Well, first off, we're really excited. Kids really played well. I thought we really had a good rhythm to ourselves offensively. We were really balling strong, only turned it over five times. That was tremendous.

I thought this, they really played off each other in terms of taking the ball to the bucket, throwing it in the post, driving it at times and then playing it off with the threes. Obviously Marcus Bartley was lights-out shooter. You know, and he led the league last year in three-point shooting. Marcus -- and we haven't talked about this because our kids don't, but it's the end of the year, so I'm talking about it, but Marcus has been hurt for a year with a bad foot, and on top of that he's had a turf toe, which is very painful, and a lot of people don't even play with turf toe much less a bad foot. He never complained, stayed with it, so I'm just tickled to death with that.

Mike Crawford is in a boot. He's been in a boot for six weeks, all day, every day except for practice and games, and he's hung in there and doesn't say a word. No one else uses that. So I give those kids a lot -- a lot of credit with that.

But Reggie did a great job rebounding for us. George Mason, Dave does a tremendous job. I know Dave from the Patriot League when we were both in the Patriot League, and he's really going to do well with that program.

Q. Is Marcus healthy, or is he hurt tonight?
JIM CREWS: No, he's hurt. He's been hurt the whole year. No. He's not healthy.

Q. You guys out were out-rebounded by 23. How did you pull out the victory?
JIM CREWS: Yeah, it was good. I mean, the numbers are always -- we didn't rebound well, but we handled the ball well. We shot the ball well. We're not going to do everything perfect. That's just the nature of the game. They were tremendous on the boards. They really were. No. 14, that big kid Thompson, he's a mountain of a man, really long arms, good touch, but he rebounds it and gives space, and then Jenkins is just -- I told our guys, he offensive rebounds like -- don't take this, but like he's on steroids. He's not on steroids, but he's hyper, hyperactive, hyper. He's a tremendous competitor on the boards, and he knows his strengths. Those guys know what their strengths are, and they go to their strengths, so we've got all the respect in the world for them. We knew we weren't going to out-rebound them. We wanted to contain them. I guess we probably didn't. But we were able to do enough other things well, so that was great for these kids.

Q. Marcus, your coach said you've been playing hurt all year as well as tonight. Are you feeling a little better tonight or are you feeling about the same, but you just played a little better?
MARCUS BARTLEY: I'm feeling a little better. I got some good medicine in me, so I'm just feeling better and just taking what comes to me.

JIM CREWS: He tells us that all year, though. He lies about feeling good because he's been hurt all year.

Q. Marcus, when could you tell that you were on tonight and that maybe this could be a big night for you?
MARCUS BARTLEY: Any time I make my first shot, I feel like I'm on. That's just the shooter in me. Once one goes down, I feel like I can get off at any time, so just having confidence in that.

JIM CREWS: He makes one, he thinks he's hot, and if he misses one, he thinks he's due, so that's what shooters think.

Q. Coach, could I just ask you about George Washington, the quick turnaround to a good team there?
JIM CREWS: Yeah. Mike does a great job with them. They're big. They're long. They'll play a variety of defenses. We played them about seven years ago, so whenever that was, so I don't know. We play them at 2:30, so we'll try to figure some things out.

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