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March 6, 2016

Bubba Watson

Miami, Florida

Q. Give us your thoughts?
BUBBA WATSON: It was a good day. When I went to bed last night, I knew it had to be a great round, and then when I woke up, I saw that the wind was picked up, so I knew it didn't have to be as great. But it still had to be a great round. And so you know, I gave it a good effort. What I'm working on in my head is working out. Right now, I've got the energy and the mind-set to play some decent golf, so very positive, very happy about the week and what took place.

Q. Can you talk about the emotions, what was going on in your head on 18? You backed off a couple of times and clearly it was a big time and one that you have said you don't feel entirely comfortable with.
BUBBA WATSON: (Thoughtful pause) I'm going to go with this -- I'm going to go with this. I'm just a head case and I had to back off to get refocused. I'm going to get blasted if I say what the true answer is, so I'm just going to say I had to back off because I'm just a head case and I tried to get the cobwebs out of my head and it worked out.

Q. Why would you get blasted?
BUBBA WATSON: It was a great week. It was a great week. It was just one of those things, I had to back away and get the right thought patterns, and it worked out on that tee shot.

Q. How much confidence do you take out of what you've done this week, obviously winning in L.A., heading towards Augusta?
BUBBA WATSON: I'm just like anybody else. Anybody that played in this field has confidence. We think we can play at any moment. I'm scheduled to play the next couple weeks, take off Tampa and play two more. So I have a lot of confidence, but Augusta is still a long way away, and again, you don't know how you're going to wake up or what's going to happen the next two days or next month before we get to Augusta. I mean, who knows how I'll feel when I get there.

Q. Speaking of Augusta, twice you finished second and won at Augusta. Does that give you good vibes going forward?
BUBBA WATSON: I mean, being in the field at Augusta gives me good vibes. I don't care what -- it means absolutely nothing what you do the week before or leading up to it. We all know that, but y'all have to write stories.

Q. Talk about the eagle -- talk about that and the putt?
BUBBA WATSON: You know, we tried to hit a cut 8-iron up into that wind. Came up a little shorter than we were expecting. But we guessed right on the read. And somehow it went in. You know, the whole time I was watching it, it looked like it was going to be short but for it to actually get in and fall in was very nice.

Q. Got you right back in it. Had to be a huge boost?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, sure, any time you can make an eagle it's a boost. Any time you can get closer to the lead, yeah, it just gets you pumped up and try to get focused on next shot so we can not hit it in the water on 9.

Q. Anything that you can take out of this week that you can say, I felt like there's something that I did that I was struggling with and didn't feel as comfortable with the week before?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, yeah, that's what I'm saying. The mental part is what I've always worked on and I'm always trying to work on. The physical part, I can hit all the shots. It's just, am I focused on the right things to hit that shot at that moment. I thought even though I lost, I thought what I did on 18 was beautiful. You know, I couldn't hit a 6-iron, so I tried to chip a 5-iron and tried to cut it more so it would slow it up but a 6-iron could have easily came up short. So I thought I did everything right, and I did. I couldn't ask for a better two shots and a good chip.

Q. If they move this golf tournament to somewhere else, what would your reaction be?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, that's -- I mean, we've had that happen many times. So my reaction is, hopefully I'm in the field so I can keep playing. That's all I'm trying to do. We're all trying to get in this field. And if they move it, I'll be sad because I'm pretty good around this place, but that's just what we have to do.

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