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March 6, 2016

Danny Willett

Miami, Florida

Q. How do you view the week, the fact that you put yourself in position to win, or the fact that you just didn't quite get the victory?
DANNY WILLETT: I've always said over the last couple years, winning is kind of getting in a position on Sunday afternoons to give yourself a chance and sometimes things go your way and sometimes they don't.

Today we hit it okay, a bit scrappy in places but could have been a different story but for 17, and obviously pretty tricky drive for me in out of the left and hitting a cut down the last. All in all, if someone said the beginning of the week, 10-under par and see where it gets you, I'd have taken it.

Q. What were you thinking on 18 with the tee shot?
DANNY WILLETT: We've kind of got to hit it on that red stake on the corner, try not to overcut it, try not to double-cross it. It's not the best tee shot for us in all fairness. Would have been easy to stand there -- I think last year I whiffed it way right in the trees. We were trying to hit the correct golf shot, and unfortunately it didn't come off.

Q. Plenty of positives to take from this week?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, another good week. I don't know what it's going to finish, but being up there in contention on the back nine at a World Golf Championship is stepping in the right direction. We played pretty good golf for most of the week, a bit scrappy in there, but it was nice that when we played scrappy we dug in and kept rounds going. It's easy out there making a few bogeys to shoot 4-, 5-, 6-over par quite comfortably but we've dug in every day.

Like I said, if someone had said 10-under par at the beginning of the week, I'd have taken it. It's a really tricky golf course, and the wind today obviously played its part more than any other day. You can look back and you're probably going to lose by one or two, but over the course of the week, I've got a lot out of the game, so I can't be too unhappy.

Q. That's three WGC events, you've been top three, top five, so it's nice and positive, isn't it, and consistent, as well.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it is. It's nice to know that you pitch up and there's the Top-50 players in the world here. The last three or four that we've played, we've finished in, like you say, top five, it's good. It's trending in the right direction and everything is going nicely. So yeah, I don't think we can get too disheartened with the results.

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