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March 5, 2016

Kim Mulkey

Khadijiah Cave

Kristy Wallace

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Baylor - 82, Texas Tech - 51

THE MODERATOR: We're now joined by the Baylor Bears, Coach Kim Mulkey is joining us along with student-athletes Kristy Wallace and Khadijiah Cave.

COACH MULKEY: Just call her KK.

THE MODERATOR: We will go directly to our questions for our student-athletes.

Q. Kristy, you had another big game, 15 points, you had a 23-point game against Texas. Do you feel like you're peaking right now?
KRISTY WALLACE: I'm just doing what I can do to help my team, and whether that be scoring or hard defense or whether that be on the bench cheering on the team I want to do whatever I can to help them out.

Q. You guys went big early on, changed the tempo, plus your third quarter you had 29, 30 against Texas. What is it about coming out in the second half?
KRISTY WALLACE: I don't know, I guess it's just we go back to the drawing board back in the locker room, and just refresh what we've got to do, refocus on our goals and, yeah, we just want to go out there and get it done and keep pushing forward, keep pushing the lead.

KHADIJIAH CAVE: When we come out the second half we have to focus on us and we can't look at the score we imagine the score is 0-0, and we do the things we have to do to help our team for us to get better.

Q. Texas Tech shot 17 from the three. What led to stopping them?
KRISTY WALLACE: Playing good "D" is a big -- we emphasize good "D" and we want to come out every game and get stops, pressure the shot, even if we don't -- even if we aren't able to stop the shot we want to be able to put pressure on them and change the shot.

Q. Kristy, you can answer first and then KK. Outside of you, Kristy, not many of you guys played over 20 minutes. How key is that going forward tomorrow knowing that a good part of the team was able to stay rested during this game?
KRISTY WALLACE: It's key, three games in three days is tough on anyone, so it's good to be able to rest our players, share the court time and be ready for the next game to come.

KHADIJIAH CAVE: I think it's always good to be able to rest and be able to find different match-ups and different rotations with different players. So I think being able to rest and play different people and see different line-ups, and being able to rest and everybody to play and have fun, I think that was good.

Q. Neither of you two players starred and you outscored your own -- your starters and you outscored their bench 45-3, is that one thing that makes Baylor a tough act to get ahold of, because you've got so much depth.
KHADIJIAH CAVE: I think we have so many reps and I don't think about whether we're starting or not, just coming in and producing and doing what you can starting or not as long as we come in and do what we have to do we should be good.

KRISTY WALLACE: Yeah, what KK said. We have such depth and such versatile players, Coach Mulkey can keep throwin' them out there which is good. I love playing the team game so it's fun to have everyone out there and rotating everyone through.

THE MODERATOR: Ladies, congratulations on this afternoon's game and we'll see you tomorrow. Questions for Coach Mulkey now.

Q. Kim, did you go bigger? Is that what helped flip it a little bit with Kalani who had a pig game and obviously Beatrice? Is that something you saw there?
COACH MULKEY: Actually I thought the small lineup with KK and Nina was very productive. When I went early with the two big freshman they did good, but I thought KK and Nina separated the score and I put Kalani and Beatrice back in the first half and they did some freshmen things there and came out after halftime and went small and quicker again on the perimeter, took Prince out and put Kristy in.

I've just got a lot of weapon and a lot of things I can too and it just depends on the flow of the game.

Q. Coach, they go 2 for 17 from the 3-point line I feel like this is becoming a recurring thing for you guys to shut 'em down at the 3-point line. Is that a product of all the exposure facing teams that are shooting from the three so much?
COACH MULKEY: I don't know. You go back to the two games yesterday, the Tech game and the Wichita State game, I would have to be a post player in that game. You're never going to touch it unless you shoot threes and then you go to the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game today and there was some tough defense being played. You've just got different styles in the league and I guess coaches have to do what they think is best for their teams and give them an opportunity to win.

But it does seem like we have to defend the three a lot in this league, but, again, I don't follow the other leagues so the other leagues may have the same thing.

Q. Coach, some of the Oklahoma players said earlier they don't feel like the two times they've played you guys they've played up to their potential. I'm not sure how much you guys saw of that game earlier, but do you feel like this OU team might be playing better than the two times you played them?
COACH MULKEY: They played good. They won. Sometimes when you don't play up to your potential you might better give your opponent credit. If I lose ball games, the first thing I do is come in and say hey, we got beat and give the opponent credit.

They're playing in an area that's close to home for them. I would imagine they will have lots of fans here. We will do the best that we can and, you know, they're good. There are a lot of good teams in our league, and we've got to come out and play extremely hard and focused and, you know, I thought they played pretty good when we beat 'em.

THE MODERATOR: Coach, congratulations. We'll see you tomorrow.

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