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March 4, 2016

Charley Hoffman

Miami, Florida

Q. The two birdies in a row on 7 and 8, how important was that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, you know what, 7 was playing pretty tough. It was into the wind. Usually that hole is downwind and you have wedge into it. But today I hit driver, 6-iron. Was able to hit a nice flighted 6-iron that rolled up to less than a foot, which is always nice out here.

And then 8 was able to hit a good one drive down there. Had 6-iron in, landed it on the green. Then hit an average chip about five feet and made. But obviously those holes, or 8 was playing downwind, so it was a birdie hole today. The back nine, sort of kept it together and all in all, pretty good round.

Q. Anything in your recent play that had you think this was coming this week?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No. No. My short game guy was in town early in the week. I always struggle putting. Short range putting has been a little bit of a nuisance. We discovered something on Monday and Tuesday out here, which has leaded into some good putting this week. So I feel good about the putter, which is nice.

Q. What did you discover?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: My stroke is a little too long and slow, so more than anything, try to free it up and be more aggressive through the ball and not worry about it too much. It's worked so far. Hopefully it continues. Obviously it's sort of a new feeling but as I told him, it feels natural again, which is what you want to feel like on the green.

Q. How hard is it to not care when you're hitting a putt?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's easy when you've been caring so much and they haven't been going in. So to not care, it's been easy the last to days, and obviously going to be in contention the next few days and we'll see how it holds up. Hopefully I keep not caring and it goes in.

Q. Other than the putting you've been working on, what's the best part of your game you're happy with this week so far?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's been a lot of putter. I drove it okay. I've been probably very average. When I got out of position, I've been able to get it on the green to have the ability to have a putt at it, which has been good. Sometimes coming out of the rough here is a bit tricky but happy I've been hitting greens and making a few putts.

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