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March 4, 2016

Bubba Watson

Miami, Florida

Q. Looked like a pretty solid round, just the one blemish. Obviously a tough golf course. You've got to be pretty happy today?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, very happy. My consistency over the last few months, but also the last few years, that's what I'm trying to get better at. Slowing it down, walking different. I was trying to slow down my walk. Sometimes when I start getting a little anxious.

So around here, it's about pars. This could easily be a major championship golf course because of the rough. If they add the rough even higher, it's that tough. So pars is good. Pars is your friend around here. And then just throw in -- get lucky, throw in a birdie here or there, and that's what I did the last couple days.

Q. Are you always on edge?
BUBBA WATSON: Always. Even at Bob Hope, or whatever it's called now. Even at the easy courses. Even my club championship I'm on edge. Trying to make that cut.

Q. Not more so here?
BUBBA WATSON: Everywhere. Everywhere I play. Only when I'm at home playing with my buddies, I don't really worry about it. It's easy then.

Q. Any particular tee shots out here that make you particularly edgy?
BUBBA WATSON: All of them. Being dead honest. If you want me to go through my round, I can tell you my thoughts. And you'll laugh, because you'll be like, gosh, you're a head case.

It's about just being committed. The last two days for us, especially for me, it's been lucky that 18, the way the weather was, the way the wind was blowing, the up tee yesterday and the way the weather -- the wind was blowing today. 18 tee is a lot easier for me. 14 tee is really, really tough for me. I hit a great bunker shot from the fairway bunker.

17, I don't know how you hit that fairway. 10, if I cut it, because I like to cut the ball, if I over-cut it, it's in the water. 11, seems like there's no fairway, it's all bunker.

12, you've got trouble over here if I pull it and you've got water if I over-slice it. You want me to keep going? I mean -- well, 1, you've got water if slice it. So I've got to aim at that bunker and try to cut it off of it. There's always --

Q. What did you do at 3?
BUBBA WATSON: Close my eyes and hope it somehow gets in play. Today I hit slice 2-iron up against the wind and then hit 9-iron somehow and then somehow made the putt. That was a bonus making that putt.

Q. You had mentioned being creative with your thoughts just a second ago and committed, as well. How does that come into play with a major coming up at Augusta --
BUBBA WATSON: Listen, we've got two more days here. So far I've scheduled to play at Bay Hill and I'm scheduled to play at the Match Play. So I'm not worried about Augusta. I'm not thinking about Augusta. I'm trying to figure out about how I'm going to not throw up on No. 1 tomorrow. Hopefully I'm teeing off No. 1.

Q. Are you any more anxious with all the other big names on the leaderboard here?
BUBBA WATSON: You know, I'm not looking at the names. I'm not worried about the names. It's the number I'm looking at. I'd rather be at 14 right now and all the other guys at 3.

So I'm looking at numbers. We don't look at names. We're always looking at numbers, and so that's what we're chasing. We're chasing our perfect round and whatever that number is, be one ahead of it.

Q. The changes in the golf course this year to last year, trying to bring the mid-length hitters back into play. Have you changed your strategy at all?
BUBBA WATSON: I made a bogey on the hole today but on what was it, 6 -- 6, they have widened that fairway just enough where for me I can hit that fairway. The wind conditions today were downwind so I hit 4-iron off that tee. Yesterday I hit driver because it was into the wind. 7 plays a lot better to everybody's eye because of that bunker's gone.

The only one is 14. 14 and 17, wish we could tweak it just a little bit better. Those are really the only ones that I could see that they could change and make it better. I think every change they have made is really, really good. But it's still a tough golf course, even though they have made it somewhat easier for us.

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