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March 4, 2016

Dustin Johnson

Miami, Florida

Q. What changed from yesterday to today?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Well, I drove it better and hit my irons better today. You know, yesterday was just a struggle all day. Wasn't hitting it in the fairway. I wasn't hitting my irons very good but fortunately my short game was spectacular yesterday. It was an impressive even par. It just had some penalty shots, but you know, saved some great bogeys.

You know, today I drove it better. I hit my irons like I have been lately. Just played solid.

Q. Less wind, did that factor into it at all?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: No, it didn't have anything -- I wish I could blame it on the wind. Yesterday it was not the wind. It was all me. It was a lot of fun the last two days, obviously playing with Adam. He's playing great, and to go out today and turn it around, just feels good. I'm right back in the golf tournament.

Q. Is there a certain comfort level you have at this course? It's not a place that a lot of guys do have a comfort level but you've got a good record here.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I think the golf course is fantastic. It's in great shape. The greens are perfect. It's not an easy golf course.

This year, the greens are a hair softer than they have been the last two years, so it's playing a couple shots easier, maybe. But it's still tough. You've still got to drive it in the fairway and you've still got to hit it on the greens. But I love this golf course. I think it's fantastic.

Q. Talking about how difficult it is, was there any sense of surprise what Adam was doing? He seemed to make it very easy?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: He played great. He's driving it in the fairway and hitting the greens and rolling in the putts you're supposed to. He played well yesterday and today. I played well today. Yesterday I was just watching a lot. I was grinding yesterday all day. I did not play well yesterday. But today I did. I played a lot better.

Q. Did you get a sense today at any point, like, hey, this is going to be a good day?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Well, I knew it wasn't going to be as bad as yesterday, so yeah. But I worked on it. I felt like I figured it out, and yeah, I had a lot of confidence coming in. I just played well in L.A. I felt like I've been swinging the club very well. Today showed it. I'm starting to, I'm definitely hitting it a lot better than I did the day before.

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