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March 4, 2016

Adam Scott

Miami, Florida

Q. Just give us a quick assessment of your round today and the second round.
ADAM SCOTT: I think overall, it was just a lot of good stuff. Enough quality shots and enough quality putts to negate a couple of mistakes out there. But they can easily happen on this golf course. So I'm glad there was enough of the good stuff to keep me up on top and kind of setting the pace after halfway.

Q. Was conditions any different, greens any firmer after the first round?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think they were firmer. I think much the same, I think the wind laid down a little bit throughout the round, maybe in our back nine and that was nice to see because it was whipping pretty good when we were on the 10th. But coming in, I felt it was just a breeze and really not affecting the shots too much.

Q. Yesterday you said you fell asleep a little bit during the round. Is it safe to assume you stayed awake throughout today's round?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, it felt like we were out there a long time today. I mean, we were playing slow. I was getting a little tired. But it was good to feed off DJ and the group playing well. He put the foot down around the turn and I could see a lot of other guys playing great golf out there, too, on the leaderboard.

To have that nice finish after a bogey on 14 is huge going into the weekend, and I'm going to, unless conditions change, it's going to be probably some good scoring out here on the weekend.

Q. You half-mentioned it yesterday, but the ability to step on the gas at the end of your rounds has been key the last few weeks, as well?
ADAM SCOTT: It has. I've gotten off to good starts and good finishes. When you're playing pretty good anyway, that helps your scoring a lot. I hope I can rely on that the next two days. But you know, I'd like to find a little extra gear this weekend. I think I'll probably need it to win with the quality of leaderboard we've got, and that will be the test for me.

Q. How is this week any different, if at all -- you talked yesterday about conserving your energy. What are specific things that you're either not doing or doing?
ADAM SCOTT: I really haven't practiced this week at all. I've just done my warmups and gone home, and that's kind of where it's at. Like I said, I'm pretty tired on my feet now, and would like to put the feet up for a bit. And then just go back out there tomorrow, and I think everything is in a good spot, so it's nice I'm able to do that.

Q. Did what Rory and Jordan and Jason did last year, does it motivate you any more at this point in your life --
ADAM SCOTT: I should have been overlooked. Those guys had stellar years. Couldn't even compare it to anything I did.

It's hard to play at the top, top level for a long period of time. I think there's one guy who seemed to make that look a lot easier than it really is. I feel like I had a really great run of golf for about four years, which was good, and last year, I was just off and struggling to find it week-in and week-out. But made a few adjustments since then and everything's started to kind of fall back into place toward the back end of last year and I've managed to come out with some good form this year. More so for my own confidence going into the big events; it's really important to be playing well right now.

Q. Do you feel as good now as you did ten years ago, physically and mentally?
ADAM SCOTT: Probably better mentally, far better. I've got a lot more experience playing big events under pressure, and having some idea how I respond to that.

Physically, I think I'm in good shape. I've been very lucky. I've been very much injury-free, and haven't had many setbacks at all. So I think I've still got a few years left in me.

Q. Sunday you mentioned how big it was to win the Honda. Do you feel that now when you're out on the course, just the difference in your attitude, confidence?
ADAM SCOTT: You feel it a little bit with the confidence, for sure. Hopefully I'm in a similar position this Sunday and I can draw off some experience of just seven days ago.

But you know, this is another week. I can't sit here and dwell about winning, and I think yesterday, maybe I did that. As I teed off, I was still just floating around, and a couple of bogeys came quick. Around a course like this, you have to be quite focused, otherwise mistakes will happen. That will be my goal, like I said, on the weekend to really stay focused and keep my foot down.

Q. In past years, you've sort of eased into the start of the season. Did last year provide extra motivation, or was there extra importance to getting off to this kind of start; you just mentioned the importance of Augusta, but was it just necessary for to you really be sharp in these early starts?
ADAM SCOTT: Probably, yes, I think it's important. I mean, last year, I was coming in here the second-ranked player in the world, and the confidence -- or somewhere thereabouts, I think it was something like that. But the confidence was at a different place. I had a great 2014.

And then I played a lot of different golf last year, some poor weeks and some good weeks, certainly not where I was. Since The Presidents Cup, really, I've just been working to put my game back into that consistent spot, and yeah, it's taken this long to really get it up, up to that level. That's how hard it is to play at a really high level out here. It can go quick and it takes a little while to come back.

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