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March 4, 2016

Danny Willett

Miami, Florida

Q. Satisfied with your performance today?
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, I think gritty in places. Didn't hit it as good today as yesterday. Left ourselves a few smelly ones out there but yeah in general scored really nicely.

The golf course is slightly easier than it was last year, greens a bit softer and wind's not quite picked up as much as it did last year yet. I think we are still to see that and yet to see it really bear it's teeth out there but 7-under for over two days is more than good enough.

Q. Describe the player you feel like you are now compared to this time a year ago.
DANNY WILLETT: Everything's progressing nicely. That was the aim was just to keep everything going slightly better, slightly better day after day after day, keep working hard, tick boxes. Like I said, it doesn't always lead to good results, but fortunately it has in the past 12, 18 months. That's all we keep trying to do every day is keep doing as much as we can to get better and hopefully throw in a few good numbers on the way.

Q. The 18th hole, a lot of discussion, were you trying to figure out to get it outside the hole, inside?
DANNY WILLETT: It was kind of half-a-ball left edge and in fairness looking at it, could almost have gone inside left and firm. I don't know, these greens, because they look a little bit glassy, and that one just looked like it could get away from me quite quick, but it didn't. It kind of hung up there and even the pace I hit it, I hit it a little bit slower to try to get all the break out of it but still not enough.

Q. 7-under par heading into the weekend at the Cadillac Championship, you must be very happy the way you're playing and your position heading into the weekend.
DANNY WILLETT: Yeah, it's a good position. I don't know what Scotty is doing down the last few but he's probably going to be 9-, 10-under par, and three back I guess around that kind of number on a golf course like this is in great shape.

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