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March 4, 2016

Adam Scott

Miami, Florida

Q. How would you compare Thursday's round to Friday's round?
ADAM SCOTT: Wind came up on our back nine today and after a good start, it allowed me to have a chance on the back nine. But I was just kind of hanging onto DJ's coattails today. He played beautiful. My round was just mediocre compared to his.

Q. How did you feel about playing well for two days after winning last week?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, there is momentum and it's a huge factor. The trick is figuring out how to use it and maintain it, keep it going from week-to-week. So far this week, I've done a good job. Now the weekend is a different animal and the leaderboard looks great. It's going to be exciting and the course is, at the moment, producing good scores.

Q. You have to feel great where you're at.
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. It's just the start you want in a World Golf Championships. But look at the leaderboard, I'm sure it's going to be an amazing weekend out here. I hope I can keep my game at this high level for two more days and be in the hunt.

Q. You and Dustin had fantastic rounds.
ADAM SCOTT: He really got it going around the turn and that kind of made me aware, I've got to keep my foot on the gas, and I made a couple birdies and then had a good run toward the end of the back nine to finish the day out. His round was just pure. It's a pleasure watching him hit the golf ball.

Q. How were you able to successfully attack today?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I somewhat followed DJ's lead. He played a great round of golf, and sometimes when that happens and you're playing well enough, you can follow the leader a little bit. My game was in good shape, and had to take advantage. I saw all the top players on that leaderboard having good rounds, so I had to try and keep pace, and I managed to stay just out in front.

Q. Does that motivate you when you see the greats of the game on the first page of the leaderboard?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. That's what you want to be involved in. That's why I practice and that's why I'm out here, and I think we're in for a hell of a weekend. I hope my game holds up another couple days and I can be in the mix.

Q. You've had 36-hole leads many times in your career. Does it feel different going into the weekend with a lead considering you just won five days ago?
ADAM SCOTT: I'm probably a little more relaxed this week leading going into the weekend than if I had not won last week. But a 36-hole lead doesn't mean that much unless it's by about ten. I could tee off tomorrow and not be leading. I'm just going to have to play a good couple of days and try and keep moving in the right direction while the conditions are allowing us to.

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