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March 3, 2016

Andy Sullivan

Miami, Florida

Q. Talk about making the birdie on 18.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I played really well today. Just didn't quite take all my opportunities out there. First time around Doral. To shoot 1-under, pretty happy with it and to cap it all off with a birdie on 18 was pretty spectacular.

Q. You had a lot of birdies but also a few bogeys. What's happened in this round?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I hit a couple of shots and they literally was a yard off the fairway and just kept getting flyers out of the rough and it just kept going through the green sort of thing.

I suppose that's the difficulty of it. You have to keep it on the fairway this week to have the ultimate control going into the greens. So try and hit a few more fairways tomorrow and hole a few more putts hopefully.

Q. Do you need to be in a better position from tee-to-green to do more birdies?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I'm not sure. When I hit the fairways, I hit very good shots into the greens. I think it's just when you miss the fairways, the difficulty comes. You'd almost rather it be in the fairway bunker than the actual rough.

Yeah, the course is absolutely fantastic. The greens are rolling unbelievable, so it's good.

Q. Talk about your first experience here at Doral, what's your general opinions and feelings?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Well, after last week, this course doesn't seem that bad. I thought last week was so tough. I was like really battling last week. I come play a practice round around here and I was like, wow, this seems quite playable sort of thing.

So I think having that mind-set really helped me out today, as well. Felt like I could make a lot of birdies out there. Just a couple of times, just ran into the rough by literally like a yard or not even that sometimes, and it's so wispy, the ball just comes off like a rocket unfortunately.

Really enjoyed it today. I think it's the first time in a while that I've actually gone around and really enjoyed myself, which is good, getting back to how I was last year, which is important for me. And then, you know, game feels in really good shape. Feel like something's close to happening, so hopefully just keep it in good touch and try and plug away with a good attitude and hopefully get somewhere up there.

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