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March 3, 2016

Adam Scott

Miami, Florida

Q. Coming in with another good round, keeping things rolling?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, got off to a great start, and then yeah, just fell asleep for a couple of holes. Had to wake up and get things back going again. So pleased to take advantage of another good day on the golf course, especially finishing birdie, birdie. I feel good about that. 68 around here is a good score.

Q. You say a wake-up call; you've been in such good sync obviously the last few weeks, and almost your eagle at the first, it's almost like, it's almost easy isn't it and that wakes you up?
ADAM SCOTT: A little bit, yeah. I just was cruising a bit. Look, I took it real easy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and didn't really turn the mind on at all. Trying to enjoy what happened last week and save some energy for this week. Didn't switch on at all. I just kind of went on autopilot and hit two good shots up the first and knocked a putt in and didn't even think about it.

Then once I faced a couple tougher shots, made a bit of a meal of them. Quickly realized on the 13th tee that if that's how I'm going to play, I'm probably going to shoot over par today, so I had to sharpen up a bit.

Q. You could have been a few less, but you managed to put the foot down when you had to.
ADAM SCOTT: Having a good strong finish has really served me well the last couple of weeks. Riviera it did on the Thursday, last week it did a couple of days, and to come in at 4 instead of 2, or 1 or anything worse, or 3 even, is a nice feeling.

To hit two really good quality shots at the end of the round into 8 and 9 and take advantage, just kind of keeps that momentum going. It's two more positive swings in my head for the rest of the week.

Q. When is the last time you felt like you were on a run like this?
ADAM SCOTT: It must have been sometime, Rex. I think one that stands out to me is 2006. I think I played really well that year and I think I had four top 5s, four weeks in a row at one point that year. I didn't win until THE TOUR Championship that year but I just played consistently well. I mean, I played well in patches the last few years, as well, but 2013 obviously everything was all in a pretty good place, too.

Q. When you have a big week like last week, how do you position a week later mentally?
ADAM SCOTT: I think mentally is the hardest thing, trying to take yourself back up to that level of intensity. Because you don't win every week, you push so hard to finally get one and there's a big crash, in a lot of ways.

I think just how I was talking about my start today, I can't explain 11 and 12, it was just really sloppy mentally. To be able to lift yourself back up and have that hunger and intensity like it was the previous weeks is something that I have to focus on, anyway, and that was my signal for that today out on 11 and 12.

Q. How difficult would that have been, if not for last week, and even the week before, to kind of, like you said, lift yourself back up when you sort of feel like it's slipping away a bit?
ADAM SCOTT: How difficult is it?

Q. If you didn't have the performances you had the last couple weeks.
ADAM SCOTT: I'm not really quite sure. Do you mean if I wasn't playing good, how hard is it to pick yourself up?

Q. You finished second and finished first.

Q. So did that make it easier?
ADAM SCOTT: Not necessarily. I've tried to really take it easy for a few days, so even though I feel good about everything, I'm sure the last couple weeks has taken a lot out of me, trying to conserve energy and everything.

There's a huge sense of satisfaction for me winning last week, and it would be pretty easy for me to go and sit at home for a week and feel good myself. But this is such a huge event and I'm playing so good, you couldn't script coming in here any better.

So yeah, for me, I just have to kind of flick that switch and almost erase the last couple of weeks and get back at it and want to win as bad as ever.

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