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February 28, 2016

Blayne Barber

Justin Thomas

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Q. Finishing 5-under par, really well played. Justin, you hit so many putts that I thought just barely missed the air.
JUSTIN THOMAS: I did. I played well this week. That's the putts you make when you win and I unfortunately didn't this week, but it was fun playing with Blayne. We talked about we had not played together in a while. I think we've been fortunate every time we've played together, we've been in contention to win. It was fun to be there for a little bit.

Q. Blayne, I thought you got the worst lie of the entire week on the 16th hole. I walked up, I was within a yard of the ball and I couldn't even see it.
BLAYNE BARBER: Maybe one pace off the fairway and it was on a downslope and it was just buried in the rough. Didn't really have a choice but to punch it out there, and tried to make a par and ended up making a good putt for bogey.

Q. You were both rooting for each other on the 18th even though you were both tied.
BLAYNE BARBER: Yeah, absolutely. I love playing with Justin. He's a good buddy of mine. We played a lot in college and stuff. Any time you're playing with him, you're probably near the lead, which is good.

Q. Talk about backing in, 5-under.
BLAYNE BARBER: Normally if you finish the week at 5-under, you're kind of just taking your stuff and going but to be in the top three with that, just shows, is a testament to how hard this golf course is and par is a good score. Means a lot.

Q. What do you take away from this as far as something you're really pleased with, your game, anything that really stuck out?
BLAYNE BARBER: Just really consistent. I feel like that's the best I've controlled the ball in the wind probably my whole life. Just really felt confident with it. Was making good swings, really controlling my ball flight well and it resulted in a good week.

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