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February 26, 2016

Nick Kyrgios

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

S. WAWRINKA/N. Kyrgios

6-4, 3-0 (Retired)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Is it the back that was bothering you? Walk us through a little bit why you couldn't continue on.
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, obviously I couldn't really serve anywhere near my full capacity today. I mean, he was playing great, anyway. He was playing really aggressive off the second shot of his serve. And, yeah.

Q. In the first set you managed to get both breaks back and build some momentum. Was it a sign that when you got broken again that maybe you weren't going to be able to continue?
NICK KYRGIOS: I mean, I don't really know how I broke back, to be honest. You know, I was struggling.

I just put a couple balls in and he made a couple of errors. Yeah, I mean, I was never going to be able to really make too much of an impact in the match with the way I was serving.

Q. When did the back injury start to take effect? What's the prognosis for getting to Indian Wells and playing Davis Cup?
NICK KYRGIOS: It's been bothering me the last couple of days, to be honest with you. It was bothering me yesterday when I played Tomas, as well.

I had a bit of a hip injury at the start of Marseilles. That was still sort of bothering me a little bit. I was sort of struggling with a couple of niggles. Yeah.

Q. Did you feel it was because you had so many matches in a row and maybe you haven't done that yet, or is that not a factor in why...
NICK KYRGIOS: Yeah, I mean, it's probably a factor, yeah.

Q. What did they say about going back to Oz?
NICK KYRGIOS: I don't know. I mean, I've got to get my back right first.

Q. Here, you mean?
NICK KYRGIOS: No, I'm going to fly home as soon as I can.

Q. How do you assess the whole week following on from your great win in Marseilles?
NICK KYRGIOS: It was a bit of a struggle, to be honest. I mean, it was obviously, you know, good result, but, you know, I have been feeling so bad every day, like I've got some viral infection, as well. So I feel like shit.

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