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February 25, 2016

Jenny Shin

Chonburi, Thailand

Q. Wonderful first round, 4-under today. You must be very pleased with your performance.
JENNY SHIN: I am. I'm really shocked because the greens are so fast this year. It's the fastest I've ever seen them, and I tried to put myself in uphill lies as much as possible. But I putted well today. Shots were a little bit shaky here and there, made a lot of bogeys, made a lot of birdies, but overall pretty solid start.

Q. Must be nice to get that first round under your belt. What will you change, if anything, tomorrow?
JENNY SHIN: Hopefully hit my 3-hybrid a little bit better. I hit it two times today, and I failed miserably both times, so I'm going to go work on that on the range, and hopefully a better day tomorrow.

Q. It was a little hot out there today, wasn't it?
JENNY SHIN: It was. It certainly isn't the hottest. It was a little bit windy, so it might have been a little -- but it's always hot here.

Q. What are you looking forward to doing now?
JENNY SHIN: Hopefully a really nice shower because I'm pretty sweaty. I want to go back to my hotel and sit in the air-conditioning. That's what I want to do.

Q. Tied for ninth last week; is that carrying over do you think a little bit this week?
JENNY SHIN: Well, honestly it's a little bit disappointing because I started off as the leader, finished as the ninth. Really of course I wanted to win, but my main goal was to shoot under par the last day, and I didn't do that. Very disappointing. It hit me hard, but I'll be fine.

Q. How did it feel today, sitting on it and then coming out and playing well?
JENNY SHIN: Right. I wasn't expecting anything. That's probably why I shot under par today. Really putted well, surprisingly. A lot better than I expected. And just when I had chances for birdie, I did them, and that's what I did last week. I feel like as a player I've gotten better at doing that over the years, so I want to continue doing that.

Q. At the start of the year did you do anything in the off-season, changes, anything in particular?
JENNY SHIN: Yeah, a lot of changes.

Q. Really? Let's hear them, at least some. Any big ones?
JENNY SHIN: Well, yeah, I was looking for a coach because I didn't want to work with my last year's coach, and then I didn't know who to go, so I was just kind of lost, and then I went to somebody in Orlando, Tim, and it worked for, like, briefly, and then it just didn't work anymore. I was just like, crap, my tournament is in three weeks, what do I do, right? And then I called my Hanwha director who's been helping me a little bit here and there over the years, and I was like, I need your help. I'm like totally lost. I'm playing in three weeks, I'm not ready. So he came over from Korea, helped me out for like four days, and I made a drastic change in my swing but I was able to do it because I'm the type of person who can change a swing very easily. So quick change, went to my first event, played horrible, but it was okay because I was like, I wasn't ready, and I was able to accept whatever results and just get better every -- just know what to work on.

Q. What was the change?
JENNY SHIN: The change -- well, I changed my swing, but I changed my backswing and my downswing both, and I just realized that when I worked with Tim, I felt very disconnected, and working with Sang, I worked more on my rhythm, more on my timing, and just get the general flow so I can be more comfortable out there. So that was the main change. I changed my putting.

Q. You were doing it all.

Q. What was the putting stroke, the change?
JENNY SHIN: Yeah, last year I was doing a little Brandt Snedeker, the little hit, but then this year I'm doing more of like end-to-end stroke, a little bit slower, and --

Q. Concentrate on the tempo?
JENNY SHIN: Yeah, a little bit more on just like soft stroke. You know what I mean?

Q. Yeah, totally.
JENNY SHIN: It wasn't like, hit the wall.

Q. What's your Hanwha director's name?

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