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February 22, 2016

Roberta Vinci

Doha, Qatar

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Roberta Vinci, please.

Q. Which was better today, the victory or being in the top ten?
ROBERTA VINCI: Both. Both, yeah. I'm so happy finally I'm in the top ten. Also today was a tough match.

It's always tough to play first round. So windy. The court is little bit strange. Sometimes it's fast. Sometimes it's slow. Completely different than Dubai the last week.

I'm so happy for both.

Q. Did you think maybe one year ago you could be in the top ten?

Q. Had you given up?
ROBERTA VINCI: One year ago, no, no, I didn't expect this. Of course three or four years ago, I was 11, my ranking. I had a lot of chance to be top ten, but I never.

So, no, I didn't expect. But I try hard, work hard, and now I'm pretty happy.

Q. What changed? Was it all because of the US Open?
ROBERTA VINCI: Nothing changed in my team. But of course after the US Open, my life is a little bit changed. I reach my first final at the US Open. Beat Serena. Then I play so good in China. Step by step.

I'm in confident. I'm good. That's why probably I'm in the top ten right now.

Q. I want to ask you one question about your career. If there was one match that you could go back and play again, which match would it be?
ROBERTA VINCI: Maybe against Flavia at the US Open quarterfinals. I lost against her in maybe two sets. I was 12 or 11, I don't remember. If I won that game I would be 9 in the world. So if I can change, yeah.

Q. What could you have done better in that match?
ROBERTA VINCI: I don't remember. But I lost, that was the thing. I would like to change the result.

Q. But that match rather than the final last year?
ROBERTA VINCI: Well, of course if I also like to change the results of US Open. But in my career in the past was better.

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