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February 22, 2016

Simona Halep

Doha, Qatar

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Simona Halep, please.

Q. Will you play Fed Cup in April against Germany, and what do you think is the favorite?
SIMONA HALEP: Yes, I will play Fed Cup. I hope to be healthy to play it, but I want to play it.

It will be tough because they have strong players, but we have a good team. If we make the best team for the country, we have a chance to win.

We'll see who has the chance to win or not.

Q. Chance is 50/50?
SIMONA HALEP: Yeah, I can say 50/50. And 51 for us (smiling).

Q. You have a little bit tough season so far. I was wondering if you could analyze why it is, just health issue or like technique-wise, anything you try to change or something?
SIMONA HALEP: No. Because I was sick. I had a tough period since December. Beginning of December I was very sick. I couldn't practice. I went to Australia taking antibiotics still, so it was tough for me to practice. But I wanted to play. I didn't want to stay home just to feel sick always.

I went to Australia with confidence, but I couldn't win because it was tough to practice. I was not prepared.

Now I feel better. I had the good week in Fed Cup. Good matches. And then I came to Dubai, I think in my opinion, I played okay, but was tough to end the set, the first set, and then I was little bit without confidence, but it was a good match and I took the positives.

I need time to get better, to get stronger and to come back as I was before.

Q. Why did you decide to pass on your surgery?
SIMONA HALEP: Just one day before the surgery I said I would cancel it because I wanted to play Fed Cup. Actually I felt pretty well after the treatment, after the antibiotics. I said I wanted to play, and after Fed Cup, I will see.

I felt okay. I feel okay now. Maybe I will think to do it at the end of the year, but I'm not sure yet. We'll see. I cannot say exactly.

Q. With Angelique Kerber success in the Grand Slam and you getting close, do you think women's tennis is moving towards a post-Serena Williams world in terms of those who win the major titles?
SIMONA HALEP: Yeah, I think now every tournament is open to win. Everyone can win. I know that Serena is still there and she's very strong. But as I said before, if Angelique won this, Pennetta won the US Open, in my opinion, I can believe more that I have a chance to win. I think every player thinks the same.

It's a chance for us to fight and believe that we can win a Grand Slam. I do now. We just need more time. We just need more confidence. Why not to believe that we can beat also Serena.

Q. This year?
SIMONA HALEP: Why not? We'll see.

Q. Many players talk about confidence, importance of confidence. Some player would say confidence very important and other player sometimes confident is overrated, not a magic word or something. Personally what is your thought on that?
SIMONA HALEP: Of course it's not a magic word. If you have confidence and you don't play very well, you cannot win even if you have confidence.

But when I say confidence, I describe it like you feel strong on the court. Your legs, you feel your legs very strong, that you feel you can run a lot. You can stay there to beat everybody, to hit the ball very relaxes and very strong. In this way, I take the confidence.

I have confidence in myself. I believe I can play a good tennis because I did already. But sometimes when you don't pass a good period, you feel unsure when you go on court and play the match. Maybe you don't have the right inspiration in the right moments and you don't take the best decision when you have to make the point.

Here I describe the confidence word.

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