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February 21, 2016

Adam Scott

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. Talk about the round and what could have been?
ADAM SCOTT: I got off to a great start just like I was saying I needed to yesterday afternoon when I finished. Everything went to plan. Unfortunately I just didn't hit the best tee shot on the 8th, and made an error in judgment with my second shot out of a tough position and killed my momentum, but I was right in the tournament the whole day.

You know, I ended up two back or one back. There wasn't a lot in it. I played a good round of golf around a pretty demanding course again today.

Q. Did that linger, trying to get yourself back after all you've done --
ADAM SCOTT: A little bit. It kind of got me off that frontrunning feeling into more of the patience game around here. With a win position like 10 today, it was just a little bit harder. It's not for sure a birdie chance. You know, I hit some good shots. I missed a couple putts coming in, and I made a good putt on 17, and then I chip-in on 18. It was a bit of a roller coaster, but that's what can happen. It was good to be in the mix.

Q. Was there a bit of up finished business because you have the unofficial -- wanting to get your name up there officially?
ADAM SCOTT: I certainly was feeling that walking off the 7th hole. I thought, this is feeling pretty good. I would like to have an official victory here. A guy like Bubba, he's very tough to beat. He's proving tough to beat from that position. He's wearing the course out on the toughest day; I think he's hit 15 greens today. Very tough to beat that when you have a couple shots to make up.

Q. We've talked about the anchoring thing, do you feel like you need to contend in a few more or win some to validate anything you're doing?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I think I putted pretty good this week. I they have, yeah, I missed a couple today. I'm sure heaps of people missed a couple today. Just they all seem so much more important on the back nine, and every putt is the same, but I made so many great strokes and putts this week. I feel like it's all in a really good spot. I'm excited about going into the Florida stretch and then getting to Augusta where I feel the greens are really the kind of grass that I like a lot and feel most comfortable on. I'm excited about what's coming up.

Q. What is your schedule the next couple of weeks?
ADAM SCOTT: I'm playing Honda and Doral and Bay Hill and the Match Play.

Q. Talk about the atmosphere at 18.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's a great place to chip-in. I was a little blown away with the sound that came down on the 18th green. It's been a long time, or maybe never, since I've heard a roar like that, for me, anyway. It was really exciting to chip that in and then Rory knocking his putt in was just what they wanted to see, as well. So it was quite a lot of fun finishing up on 18 today. It's a great atmosphere.

Q. Talk about 18 and what was going through your mind, some of the shots at the end?
ADAM SCOTT: That was probably an unlikely 3. I pulled my drive. I was trying to slide it up the left and hit it out of the heel. I think I hit a guy in the calf and kicked -- a good kickback in the fairway, a long way back. I had 240 yards to the hole and hit a great 4-iron. Obviously it's hard to be so precise into 18 here with a 4-iron, but finished fairly close to the hole.

You know, the chip was traveling a little quick but I picked a club that I knew would release to the pin because I had one thing I could do only to win and that was chip-in. So I took a wedge instead of probably a sand wedge on that one. Was quite happy the pin got in the way. Sometimes you need a bit of luck (smiling).

Q. How different is the golf Bubba plays than what everybody else plays? Do you pay attention?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. I really enjoy watching Bubba play and watching him warm up on the range. I spent a bit of time watching him warm up back at the Hero at Albany at the end of last year. You pay less attention when you're playing with him, but still, some of the shots he hits are so creative, and you know, he really has his style of golf under control. It's very effective, as well.

It's hard. I don't think you can teach it. He's just such a natural talent. But watching a guy hit 5-iron to four different greens on the range about 85 yards, 120, 170 and 240 is pretty fun to watch.

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