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February 20, 2016

Adam Scott

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. Could have had a few more birdies but no bogeys and you put yourself right up there.
ADAM SCOTT: I was trying to get a little momentum going, but at least when you have no bogeys, you're never going backwards, so that's good. Seeing no one was really running away, so that's also good for me, too. So I'm going to start in the mix, at least somewhere nearby tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow is the day I can get out of the blocks quick and shoot a score.

Q. What does it say when you start off week not at your best and you're going into Sunday right there?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I like where my game is at. I liked it earlier in the year at Sony. It's fine lines, you know. I shot 68 -- three 68s and a 69. Guys play good. It's not far from shooting three 65s and a 66. It's small things, and even this week, everyone can find a few out there. But it's very small margins when you're playing at the top.

I've been grinding well this week. I made a lot of good saves when I needed to, and today was kind of a little more solid. I feel like the swing, certainly the last few holes, was getting in a really nice spot. So that will, hopefully tomorrow, I will tee off 100 percent confident in that and attack a little bit.

Q. I think you mentioned yesterday that you were kind of concerned about your driver, that that was one of the areas you wanted to focus on, but is it hard to do that on this golf course?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I haven't been severely penalized. I'm worried about next week if I don't start hitting it a bit better.

Yeah, I haven't been too severely penalized, but the back nine I started hitting some proper drives today. I was getting away with it a bit the last couple days, even my good ones weren't that good, but the back nine today, I striped it down 11 and 12 and 17 and 18. Even hit a good one down 15, but it just caught the bunker and feel a little bit better about, you know, hitting through a shot with some kind of confidence; that I don't have to steer it.

Q. With the bunched leaderboard we have right now and with you in the mix, does it change your strategy or mentality going into tomorrow's final round?
ADAM SCOTT: With it getting so bunched, getting off to a good start, kind of imperative, just because someone else will, or a few guys probably will. There's a 3-3-3 start or a 3-4-3 start quite easily for everyone, and that would be good to stay with them. Otherwise, it's a hard course to have to push to make up shots, and it's soft enough where it's not instant bogeys with the bad shots.

You know, just got to stick with the leaders tomorrow and try and keep pace. I'm pretty sure one of these guys is going to have a good round, so a good start is kind of imperative.

Q. Is that part of it, because of the quality of the board, that you know with experienced guys up there --
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, there's lots of experienced guys obviously. But that doesn't mean the other guys can't get off to a hot start. I mean, everyone's playing good, and it's whoever probably wants it the most tomorrow makes it happen. I think probably that's what's going to happen. Not everyone's just going to fade away. It's not that brutal hard and fast stuff where your slight miss is really punished and you can't get it up-and-down. It's possible.

Q. Surprised that no one went lower today?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, a little bit, but again, I think testament to the golf course. It holds up well, even in a softer condition.

Q. This looks like the front page of a Masters leaderboard.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, maybe. Again, I think the golf course, guys are so excited to play, they want to, if you need more incentive to win a golf tournament, then maybe winning at a place like this is something that drives everyone, drives the top guys.

You've covered all the stories; Rory is inspired to get back to No. 1. Everyone has something we are playing for other than just to win. We all know how big a deal it would be to win here at Riviera.

Q. Rory was just in here and said he was peeking at the pin position on 10 for tomorrow. Do you do that --
ADAM SCOTT: I'm assuming it's back in the right area. Yeah, there's just nothing that you can guarantee. The thing with the 10th hole is one of your first two shots on that hole has to be a great shot. That's how you make a four or a three. That's it. There's no, you know, average shots. Especially probably tomorrow with that pin back there.

The green being soft helps a little but not that much. I mean, it's such a small green. So that's just the facts on the 10th hole. You're going to have to hit a great shot on your first two.

Q. Is that one of those holes you find yourself thinking about earlier in the round that maybe you should just know that it's still out there?
ADAM SCOTT: Maybe once. I've played it a lot now. I feel like I've seen the good and the bad of it. I've played it well this week, fortunately, so taking some confidence to it is a nice thing, not having to worry about all the bad stuff that can happen.

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