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February 19, 2016

Adam Scott

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. The long ones are going in, just seemed like more was happening for you on the greens and you got your striking back, as well?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, putting was good today. Putted well, and I did yesterday, too. Okay, it wasn't perfect off the tee today but luckily this week the rough is down a little bit. If you're not too crooked, you'll get away with it, and I did.

That's two solid days. I'd like it to be a little cleaner on the weekend, though, and feel like I've got a chance to really get something going. I was just plodding along today. But someone out there is going to get it going on the weekend, so going to need to have a good day.

Q. To be where you are, you must be extremely pleased.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'm really, really happy. Just working at the game and gave myself the time I needed to feel like it's in a good enough spot to come out and be competitive and get an idea of where it's at, and like I said yesterday, I think the rhythm just changes ever so slightly from practicing at home to actually playing out here, and having some kind of, you know, meaning to a shot. I just got a little bit off but it was better, especially on my last nine today.

Q. What had you do now to clean it up?
ADAM SCOTT: It's just a bit of a rhythm thing. I was just getting off the ball a little too much and like I said it cleaned up and felt a lot better my last nine and that will just be my focus tomorrow. I don't really think I want to go to the range and grind too much. I'll just come out tomorrow and try and keep it in the spot where it is now because it felt quite good and hopefully keep the putter rolling.

Q. How did you birdie the ninth?
ADAM SCOTT: I drove it over the left trap just in the rough and hit an 8-iron on and holed a 25-footer.

Q. Amazed how easy DJ made it look out there?
ADAM SCOTT: It's amazing. Third or fourth hole of our day today, he's swinging it like it's 95 degrees and mid day somewhere. I was looking for another cup of coffee and he's piping it over the trees on 13. It's just -- watching him swing the club anyway but the way he drives the golf ball is just unreal. It's phenomenal. He's an incredible talent and fun to play with, fun to watch.

Q. Ever seen anyone take that line?
ADAM SCOTT: I have not, no. But I've seen him take the same kind of shot at 13 at Augusta and just cut the whole corner and have wedge in, playing with him there. He launches like a -- I don't know what, a wedge, but it goes 320 in the air (laughs).

Q. How aggressive can you be --
ADAM SCOTT: Patience has been what I've said from the start of the week, and that's when it was firm. But you still have to be -- you can be a little more aggressive with the greens being soft. But you have to know you're going to control your golf ball because they are spinning back with mid-irons at the moment. That forces you -- that brings all the trouble into play if you miss. It's one of those ones where ideally you're kind of playing ten to 15 feet away from the hole and having those putts without taking too much risk.

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