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February 19, 2016

Jason Kokrak

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. Let's talk about your round, 7-under today. How patient do you have to be on this golf course to shoot a score like that?
JASON KOKRAK: I mean, you know, getting off to a good start with 3-wood, 7-iron on 1. But just put yourself in position to give yourself legitimate birdie opportunities is key on this golf course and eliminate your major mistakes.

Q. After round one, you said that you feel like you're playing really well. You really just had one mistake. Is it more of the same today?
JASON KOKRAK: It was more of the same today. I 3-putted one of the holes but other than that I kept it in play. The rough is not overly long this year. Fairways are key but the greens are soft and it's gettable.

Q. What is the thought process for the weekend?
JASON KOKRAK: Same stuff. This is one of the best fields on TOUR, so plenty of guys out there. Just stick to the game plan and try to hit good shots.

Q. Great shot on the par 3, back-to-back.
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, I hit driver down there and kept it in the fairway. 7-iron right at the flag and just fell a little left and stopped maybe 2 1/2 feet short.

Q. Y coming in with a birdie at 17 and 18, you hit it left.
JASON KOKRAK: I missed it a little right yesterday, hit a good shot in the middle of the green. I knew I can't miss that drive right there. Made sure I didn't, but hooked it a little too much. I thought it was a 6-iron right in the middle of the green and it wasn't that bad of a shot. You just had to commit to it.

Q. How much fun is Riviera when you're playing good?
JASON KOKRAK: It's one of best on TOUR.

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