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February 18, 2016

Adam Scott

Pacific Palisades, California

Q. How is the course?
ADAM SCOTT: Softer. Tricky greens in the afternoon. Whether it was firm or soft, you're going to have to be patient around courses like this, and I was, and I started hitting a few in there close and took those chances and got moving in the right direction. Can't be discouraged from a slow start. It's a long way until Sunday.

The good putts I hit in the front nine, nothing went in until the 9th. I had a couple 3-putts out there, but it's going to happen. The course is in amazing shape, but this kind of green later in the day is just full of bumps and bounces on the greens, and you've got to get it pretty close to be short, but you're going to have good a roll at the hole. I scrambled well, especially on the back nine.

Q. So given it wasn't your best, it's obviously pleasing going forward.
ADAM SCOTT: It is, yeah. It's not surprising that I didn't hit it as good as I have been at home in the range, and even in the practice round and Pro-Am this week. But that's just adjusting back to the tournament kind of conditions, and my rhythm was just slightly quicker today. The driver was pretty ordinary and that's why I was scrambling.

Q. Pretty impressive that Camilo is shooting what he is, because it looked like in the morning, guys had the advantage because it was softer and then it dried up, so for him to be shooting --
ADAM SCOTT: That's a hell of a round of golf no matter where you are.

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