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February 14, 2016

DeMar DeRozan

Paul George

Kyle Lowry

Additional File

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame

West 196, East 173

Q. Paul, you said at the beginning of the year at Media Day that winning MVP was your goal for the season. Did you come into this All-Star Game with any expectations?
PAUL GEORGE: Yeah, of course. I think to start out everyone wants a chance to win MVP in the All-Star Game. That was definitely a goal. So much special stuff wrapped around this one. It would have been a special moment to win it. But really, it was really just about coming here and enjoying everyone's -- just enjoying being with these guys, man, and having a good showing.

Q. Kyle, DeMar, what do you guys think the rest of the league, your peers, got out of this 72 hours in Toronto? I mean, hopefully they didn't get frostbite, but just the experience of hosting this event here, what do you think and how do you think it played out?
DeMAR DeROZAN: I think everybody got the feel of the energy that we witness every single night when we play as Raptors players. I think all the guys really got insight on how in tune the city of Toronto and all of Canada is to basketball. So I think just the energy. I think all the guys really enjoyed it.

KYLE LOWRY: Yeah, I agree. I think tonight it capped a great weekend, the Slam Dunk, Three-Point Contest, tonight being Kobe's last All-Star Game, record set by Paul and Russ getting back-to-back MVP. But Toronto, I think we put ourselves on the map a little bit around the world.

Q. Paul, how special is this performance for you considering what occurred 18 months ago on your journey to this point?
PAUL GEORGE: It's really special. You know, I had a hard-fought summer, hard-fought rehab year. It was just a very upward climb. It took every day and really every moment of rehab to get through it. There were a lot of days where I felt like I was down and out, but just stayed with it.

For me to be here just being back as an All-Star was special. But to be able to put on a show and have fun and enjoy this moment, get back to playing how I play pre-injury is special. I've just been blessed. I'm very thankful and very grateful.

Q. Just to follow-up, maybe this question is for all three, if you guys could answer. What was it like out there? I know you mentioned it's Kobe's last All-Star Game, he showed a little bit of vintage Mamba out there. Was it kind of neat to see him play?
KYLE LOWRY: Extremely fun. Every time you get out there and get to play with these amazing athletes and players, it's always fun. It's entertaining. You always cherish the moment. You always just cherish the moments.

Q. Kyle and DeMar, 30 games left in the season and you guys are in a good spot the East. How do you approach the final games in the next couple months here?
DeMAR DeROZAN: Come out aggressive. It's a whole new season for us. We've got to understand that. We're playing for something big, not just to win games to get in the playoffs and make some noise.

I think this next 30 games is definitely a teaching tool for us to understand how we've got to win games every single night.

KYLE LOWRY: Yeah, he said it right there. We've just got to be us and play basketball and get better.

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