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ASAP Sports Transcripts - Basketball - 2016 - NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND - February 14 - Russell Westbrook
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February 14, 2016

Russell Westbrook

Additional File

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame

West 196, East 173

Q. Did you find yourself very inspired being part of Kobe\'s last game?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Definitely. I think everybody in the whole arena, whole room, definitely aspired to see Kobe Bryant in his last game. It\'s just an honor and blessing to be able to be a part of it and kind of see him on his way out.

Q. Did Kobe say anything to you guys pregame? Did you guys say anything to Kobe in the locker room just with you guys? Do you take anything physically away from Kobe from this game? Did he sign anything for you?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Not yet. He didn\'t sign nothing yet. Hopefully I can catch him. But, no, we kept it as normal as possible, just talking about different things that he\'s done and just kind of embraced the moment, especially with a guy like that and all the great things he\'s done for the NBA and for the league. You just kind of sit there and embrace the moment.

Q. You\'re known for your intensity and your fury out there on the court. But it seemed tonight you were having so much fun from pregame introductions from the dance moves and everything, what was your mindset coming into this game and how much fun did you have?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I think it\'s fun, man. I think it\'s great for the fans. And I was really, really happy to be a starter. Just blessed, man, and thankful for all the fans and all the people that kind of voted for me, man. I just wanted to go out there and enjoy my time, dance a little bit, smile. I know a lot of people don\'t see me smile a lot during the season, so I like to smile a little bit during the All-Star Weekend and enjoy my time and have fun.

Q. In the environment where it seems everybody doesn\'t have that same level of intensity, does it set up for you? Because you seem to go hard all the time?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Yeah, man, that\'s the only way I know how to go. I like to have fun, but at the same time I want to also be better, become a better player. Any opportunity on the basketball court, I never take it for granted.

Q. You\'re one of the most -- well, probably the most explosive player in NBA history. Talk about where that comes from and what you\'ve been doing to work on that.
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Just blessings, man. Ever since I\'ve been little, just trying to find ways to be consistent and focus on a goal that I want in life. I\'ve just been blessed with talents to be able to do it. I\'m just happy and trying to find ways to use it.

Q. There was a moment pregame, it was before you guys were introduced, it was just you, Kobe and Kevin behind the scenes before you went out to the crowd. Was that kind of a special moment to have that final thing before he went out?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Definitely, being able to talk to him and get knowledge and just hear him talking about different things he\'s done for himself, for the game, his family. It\'s a great moment to be able to sit back and just chat with a guy like that. You embrace all those moments.

Q. Russ, you\'re the first guy to win MVP in back-to-back years outright. Is that historical context kind of mean anything to you?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: Definitely. Any time you can be able to be in the history books, it always means something to me, man. I\'m just thankful to be able to play the game of basketball and be in a game like this is something that, like I said before, I never take for granted.

Q. Last year, the way you dominated the game, it was pretty obvious you were going to get the MVP. This year did you assume it was going to be Kobe before you heard your name?
RUSSELL WESTBROOK: I didn\'t know what was going to happen, man. I was just sitting there and kind of talking and enjoying and my name got called. I just embraced that moment and enjoyed it.

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