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July 30, 1998

Nick Price


DAVE SENKO: Nick, 65 today. Just some general thoughts on how you played. Then we will go through your round.

NICK PRICE: Sure, apart from the first hole I hit the ball really well all day. I drove the ball in the fairway. The fairways -- everything is very soft. So, I mean, it is just basically hit-and-plug, and hit, and it stops on the green very quickly. Doesn't matter whether you are using a 4-iron or a 5-iron, the ball stops pretty quickly on the green. So, I felt that you could go to a lot of the pins today even though they were tucked. But I played really solid. Hit a few iron shots, probably about half a dozen iron shots inside of ten feet and, you know, a lot of good opportunities as well. But the first hole I hooked my tee shot into the water on the left of No. 9, and actually ended up making a good bogey. Then I went on made some birdies there on 3. I was just short, maybe 90 yards short, layed up, and wedge to about six feet. Next hole I hit a 4-iron to about four feet. The next birdie I made was on No. 6. I hit 8-iron to about twelve feet. 11, I hit a 7-iron to about five feet. 12, I hit a pitching wedge just off the edge of the green probably about 18 feet. Then No. 16, I hit probably one of the best 3-woods I have hit for a long, long time. I hit -- I think I had 270 or -- no, 265 to the hole and I hit 3-wood about three feet away. I am not sure if it pitched on the green or pitched short, hopped over the bunkers, but I wasn't asking any questions. I went up there and knocked it in, took my 3; went to the next tee. I don't make a lot of eagles normally unless I am holding some wedges and 9-irons. That was a real bonus for me. Apart from No. 1, I am really happy. I came back from Holland on -- got home Monday morning about 2:30 in the morning and took Monday and Tuesday off, which was really nice and just relaxed because the last two weeks for me have been pretty hard. And a little disappointed I didn't get to see the course yesterday, but I think obviously I know this course pretty well and I just took off from where I left off last year. I think I finished 6th last year, played really well and --

DAVE SENKO: Fifth, tied for fifth.

NICK PRICE: Yeah, so I like this course.

Q. What is it specifically about this course and your game? You are a champion here; you always play well.

NICK PRICE: You have got to the drive the ball really on this golf course especially the way the rough has been up this year. There is some 4-inch rough out there. It is pretty easy to lose your ball just three yards off the fairway. And, that is one of the things I have always felt I have done well on this golf course is drive the ball, put it in the optimum position off the tee so that you can attack with your second shot. And, greens have always been, I suppose, a little on the slow side for what we would normally play because of the time of year it is. And I think that helps me to be a little bit more aggressive with my putter. I think those are the two major things here. But, also I don't -- I know it is hot, but I don't mind the heat. I don't feel 100% comfortable in it, but I always seem to play better in the heat. Summer is good for me over here.

Q. What did you say on 16, you hit a 3-wood how far?

NICK PRICE: 265 yards. I had, I think, 240, I think the pin was on 25. I -- 240 to the front.

Q. You hit it to, what did you say?

NICK PRICE: Three feet. Like I say, I am not sure if it pitched short of the bunker and hopped over or if it pitched on the green. I didn't ask anyone on the green.

Q. I guess you have partly answered this question, but after playing in Holland last week I was a little surprised to see you here. Is it just because you like the course or other factors?

NICK PRICE: I have always -- I knew that when I did my schedule that I was going to go British Open, Holland and then here. But I am taking a week off next week and I just felt that two weeks off before a major championship is not ideal. So there were a number of factors, but unless this event is at such a bad time in the schedule for me, I will come and play it every year because of the success that I have had. I think that -- it would have to be either right before the British Open or right after the British Open for me not to play here because I invariably go and visit my mother over in England after the British Open and I did this year. It was perfect; spent two days with her before I went over to Holland. But it is hard to play this side of the Atlantic before the British Open or after the British Open. I have always found that.

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