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February 12, 2016

Jordan Clarkson

D'Angelo Russell

Andrew Wiggins

Toronto, Ontario

US Team - 157, World Team - 154

Q. What did it feel like today to play in front of your home crowd, hear those chants and just have a good time out there?
ANDREW WIGGINS: It felt great. I got to play in front of a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time. My family and friends got to watch it. It's great being back home and playing for my hometown.

Q. Jordan, as someone who is a little bit the U.S. and a little bit of the world, how has this experience been for you and also for your family?
JORDAN CLARKSON: It's been fun, a cool experience. I'm just having fun.

It's my first time at an All-Star Weekend, so it's been a great experience.

Q. Andrew, to that point, not only for yourself, but to share it with Dwight and Tyler as well and have other Canadians with you, what does this weekend for you mean for Canadian basketball?
ANDREW WIGGINS: It means a lot. It just shows the rise of Canadian basketball. Before, no one ever thought they'd have Canadians in this game, but it's good.

We have a couple Canadians in the league now. They're all playing good. We have on the team, and we keep gaining more with exposure and everything like that, so we keep it coming.

Q. Are you worried about the grief you're going to take from Zach stealing your thunder a little bit and getting that MVP and going home?
ANDREW WIGGINS: No, I got it last year. He got it this year. Cap's going to get it next year, the 310 Rules back to back to back. That's the plan.

JORDAN CLARKSON: Keep it coming.

Q. What do you think when you maybe get a little further removed from this experience, what you'll remember about it? Was there a certain memory that you think you'll take more than others?
D'ANGELO RUSSELL: It's a great experience all around, so just to get the opportunity to see the guys that made it to this point and then see who goes their separate ways will be the challenge. I don't know.

The task of just sticking and being the cream of the crop of one of those guys. I mean, I can speak for myself on that, just trying to stay one of the top guys in the league or get there. Top young guys doesn't really mean anything. The main event is where everybody wants to be. So I'm just trying to get to that point.

Q. We still have Saturday and Sunday, what do you expect the most all three of you?
ANDREW WIGGINS: Saturday I'm looking forward to the dunk off.

JORDAN CLARKSON: Saturday I'm looking forward to the Dunk Contest for sure to see what Zach's going to do.

I heard yesterday he did like a between the legs twice. It was crazy.

Q. The two Lakers guys playing time and roles have been an obviously ongoing thing for you guys this year. What's it feel like to be unleashed a little bit and show fully what you can do?
JORDAN CLARKSON: I mean, we were just going out there and just having fun, just living in the experience of the game. I wouldn't say that we were unleashed. We were kind of just going out there and playing and having fun.

D'ANGELO RUSSELL: I feel like that game is more of a confidence builder. It's not, I don't know, something you can't really get too high or too low on. If you didn't really play very well, it doesn't really mean too much. So knowing that the real games in the season are totally different.

There's no 150-point games in the real season, so that says a lot about defense, honestly. But it's just a confidence builder.

Q. You guys have a busy schedule, but did you guys have any opportunity to talk to any of the stars so far?
JORDAN CLARKSON: Yeah, I talked to Andrew Wiggins.

He's like the biggest star in Toronto, so being here on the podium with him is like I'm kind of starstruck right now.

D'ANGELO RUSSELL: No, not really. I haven't seen anybody. I saw Russ Westbrook coming in, but I haven't seen anybody.

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