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February 13, 2016

Stephen Curry

Toronto, Ontario

STEPHEN CURRY: Broke a sweat, got some shots up and put in a playbook about this thick, so we can execute tomorrow.

Q. Did you and Klay (Thompson) talk about the contest tonight?
STEPH CURRY: Yeah, it's going to be a fun competition just like it was last year and we'll see who wins.

Q. What do you think it will take for anybody else to take the title away from you?
STEPHEN CURRY: They've got to make more shots than me. There's no real secret to it at all. It's just who is hot tonight. There are a lot of great shooters in the competition, so it should be fun.

Q. Have you spent any real time thinking about it, given that you guys flew over here together? He was hot in the semis last year, and then you got him in The Finals.
STEPHEN CURRY: I haven't thought about it much, but I remember what happened last year in the showdown at the end, me, him and Kyrie (Irving) in The Finals. So it was so much fun, just like an adrenaline rush. Two teammates trying to go after it. But obviously it's not just Klay and me. There are other shooters in there that could get hot at any point tonight, so we'll see what happens.

Q. Can one shooter appreciate another? J.J. Redick is having a career year, competing with you guys in the three-point shootout. What are your thoughts on the season that he's having?
STEPHEN CURRY: He's redefined his game over the course of his career and found a niche in L.A. So he's having a great year shooting the ball, amazing. I think he's top three in percentage from three and his points per game have been upped, so he's playing well. He's a big reason why they've had a strong push recently.

Q. Looking at the weekend is there an effort, whether it's spoken about or not, to try to make this a big weekend for Kobe in his final All-Star Game appearance? Do you want to try to get him the MVP?
STEPHEN CURRY: We joked and kind of talked about it. Obviously, that would be a cool story for him to go out like that, but you never know how the game's going to unfold. Every All-Star Game is different and I think the NBA and us players try to do the best job we can of honoring his career and his last stop for All-Star Weekend. Lot of different ceremonies, tribute videos, all sorts of ways to remember his career and acknowledge what he's meant to the game. So I'm sure that will continue throughout the course of tomorrow night.

Q. Last possession, are you getting the ball to him, game on the line, down one?
STEPHEN CURRY: He might have to come steal it out of my hands, but I'm pretty confident in either one of us or anybody else on the team taking the shot. It's the All-Star Game so there is so much talent out there.

Q. Any nostalgia coming back here to this game in Toronto?
STEPHEN CURRY: Oh, for sure, especially when you get into the Air Canada Centre and a lot of the same staff that used to work there in 2002 when my dad retired, the same ushers and the crew in the background, so a lot of familiar faces. Driving through the city I remember some of the places I used to hang out as a kid. I think I was in grade 8 at the time, so a lot of great memories. For the All-Star Game to be back here and for me to be a part of the team, it's special.

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