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February 12, 2016

Chris Bosh

Toronto, Ontario

Q. What does this All-Star mean to you?
CHRIS BOSH: It's great. It's kind of weird in a sense that I'm a totally different person just kind of going (indiscernible) and thinking about different things. I have children now, and I try to tell them little stories and things like that.

It's just a trip. This was one of my goals after last season to actually accomplish this, and it hasn't been easy, but it's kind of poetic, a little bit, for me to be here to see it here for the first time. We talked about what if All-Star was here, and now it's actually here, so it's cool.

Q. What will you try to do in the second half?
CHRIS BOSH: Well, I mean, we have to be more consistent. We're still, of course, like a mix of young and old and we try to figure things out as a team. But we need to be more consistent and put a string of wins together and not let a bad loss knock us off course of what we're trying to do.

So second half, I mean, it's going to be very quick. We've only got 29 games. So we've really, really got to put this thing together quickly, and make sure we just stay consistent and keep our eyes on the prize.

Q. Kobe was talking about his last game and some of you guys were really young when he played his first game. How does it feel to share the floor with him?
CHRIS BOSH: His first game?

Q. When he played his first game you were a kid.
CHRIS BOSH: It's crazy. I'm glad just to be a part of it. Kobe, this is his weekend. I know he probably would never say that or admit that, but, yeah, he's one of the iconic players of this -- greatest iconic players this league has ever had.

He's had such an imprint on our childhood. I know he had an imprint on my childhood. And then I was in that mix where I was a kid, and then I was trying to figure it out in the NBA, and next thing you know you're competing against him. So, it's been crazy.

Q. Do you have a favorite personal experience about Kobe or with Kobe?
CHRIS BOSH: Just being able to hang out with him and see people's reactions to him. That was like the coolest thing when I was in the Olympics. People love Kobe Bryant. To see him walk down the hallway and see people's reaction, you can see it in their eyes how much they love him. It's been great.

Q. You're there and Kobe's coming down the lane, what do you do in the All-Star Game?
CHRIS BOSH: It depends on what part of the game it's in too, but it's an All-Star Game. I don't know, foul him.

Q. How cool is the atmosphere to be in his final All-Star Game?
CHRIS BOSH: It's going to be great, man. I know it will kind of be bittersweet for a lot of people, but it should be celebrated like it will be. It's been a great accomplishment for him. He's the legal voting age in All-Star years. That's crazy. Just his body of work is second to none, so it's good. I think it's good for him to have some sort of closure and he can move on.

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