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February 12, 2016

Kawhi Leonard

Toronto, Ontario

KAWHI LEONARD: I just think my three-point shooting percentage got better, and obviously I'm taking more shots on the floor. My overall percentage has never been that low; it's been around 50%. So just seeing my three-point shots are just falling.

Q. The difference between the San Antonio Spurs champions and this San Antonio Spurs this season? The difference?
KAWHI LEONARD: Just we're posting up a lot more since we got LaMarcus [Aldridge], so we have to adjust. He's a great player down there and he's making plays for us out of the post. And I think our defense will be better this year.

Q. Who has the best handle, top three?
KAWHI LEONARD: Obviously probably Steph [Curry], Chris Paul, (inaudible).

Q. What kind of advice have you received from veterans around the league or on the team about how to enjoy this weekend?
KAWHI LEONARD: Nothing really, no advice. Just go out, have fun, enjoy your family and time off and get ready for the game.

Q. You talked about time off, but you know Tim Duncan better than a lot of people here. How do you think Timmy's enjoying his time?
KAWHI LEONARD: He's probably having a great time with his family and friends. I don't know. I hope he's having a good time, as well, too.

Q. I'd like to ask you about Manu Ginobili. How important is his presence still in the locker room of the Spurs? And how has he been a veteran player for you and given you any advice?
KAWHI LEONARD: Manu's great for us. He's a great leader, very smart, still effective to score the ball, passes very well. For me just passing down his knowledge from what plays to see or being on the defensive end what to expect from the team. So he's very helpful.

Q. You've been on three big stages with The Finals and here. Are you getting more and more comfortable interacting with the media and just being in the spotlight like this?
KAWHI LEONARD: Yeah, I mean, it comes with it. As you start playing well, then your team plays well, and you start to get more attention.

Q. Which part of the All-Star Weekend interests you the most?
KAWHI LEONARD: As far as the events and everything? The game, that's what I really -- growing up, I watched the game, the actual All-Star Game.

Q. I know you're very shy, but (indiscernible)?
KAWHI LEONARD: It felt good just being able to be acknowledged by all the fans around the world, and being able to get voted in was exciting.

Q. So you guys getting to The Finals, which part of your team needs to be fixed?
KAWHI LEONARD: I don't know yet. We're still working through the season. We're going to figure it out if we go to the playoffs.

Q. Do you ever feel tired on the offensive end just all the work you have to put in on defense?
KAWHI LEONARD: Definitely, especially guarding the top (indiscernible). I mean, it's something that we're used to doing (indiscernible).

Q. How do you try to get around that?
KAWHI LEONARD: I just train more and have the mindset.

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