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February 7, 2016

Magda Linette

Kailua Kona, Hawaii, USA

USA - 3

Poland - 0

V. WILLIAMS/M. Linette

6-1, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: At this time we'd like to start the press conference for Magda. First question.

Q. Before we get into questions about the match, you were treated to a beautiful week here in Hawaii. Today Madame Pele came. Any thoughts on the wind and how you had to adjust?
MAGDA LINETTE: Well, you know, I just tried to play a bit bigger target, to play a bit more in the middle of the court because I knew that Venus will come with a lot of power.

I was thinking to try to keep at first the ball in the court as much as I can. Obviously she's great player. Wherever I slowed down in the beginning, she used, she went for it. She was just better than me than me today. She is more experienced and used it much better.

I was lost and couldn't handle also the return of her serve. Yeah, so it was definitely difficult environment to play. But we both had the same conditions. She just used it very well. I still need to learn a lot.

Q. If somebody else was in your situation on the Polish team, how would you have them prepare to play her? How would you describe her game?
MAGDA LINETTE: Well, obviously she's a very hard-hitter. But until you go on the court and actually face her, you cannot prepare. At least me, I first need to feel the ball on the racquet to see how is it.

Obviously I had the plan to play as long rallies as I can with her and try to move her as much as I can. That's basically what was my plan.

I didn't maybe execute it that well today, but I hope I will have one more or two more opportunities and I will just try better next time.

Q. You've been here for more than two weeks. What did you get out of the last week in particular? Do you feel like you learned as a team for next time?
MAGDA LINETTE: Definitely we having a captain, so all of us a new situation. We have a new team for this week. I also joined the team after I think four years, four or five years.

Definitely we learned a lot. We learned about ourselves. We actually got to know each other a bit better because, you know, now we were like close to each other.

I was actually playing and Klaudia was the captain. She really had to know my feelings, about my practice, how do I feel on the court, out of the court. We all became I think like really amazing friends. That was the first thing a team does. We were like really a true team.

I really enjoyed that time. I worked really well because the atmosphere was amazing. I just hope I can play in the next match and I will do my best.

Q. It's still very early in the year. What are your plans for the rest of the year as far as tennis goes, your tournaments or your schedule?
MAGDA LINETTE: Well, of course main goal is to play main draw of Grand Slams. As long as I'm in the main draw, I will try to play myself in WTA. I will see how that goes. In case I lose maybe couple of matches, I will go on the lower level, go to ITF, to get more confidence.

So far I have scheduled all the WTAs. I just hope I do well. I showed yesterday I can play well. I will just work hard and I will try to do that, to play main draw of Grand Slams. I hope I can do well there.

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