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February 6, 2016

Mary Joe Fernandez

Venus Williams

Kailua Kona, Hawaii, USA



THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. First, congratulations. Second, how was the sun and the serve working today?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, thank you. The sun was a little bit of a challenge, but I think as the match went on I was able to adjust to it a lot more.

That's what have to do, you know.

Q. What were you able to change around at 4-5 in the first? Pretty much dominated after that.
VENUS WILLIAMS: You know, she had some good shots; she played well; I had a few errors.

I think I at 5-4 I was actually very relaxed. I think her strengths is playing from behind. I think when she was in front it wasn't as comfortable for her.

So just that game, I put some balls in, she missed a few, and at 5-All I probably had more experience than she did.

Q. Older.

Q. Mary Joe, getting two wins today, how important was that for you guys?
CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ: Very important. Each match is important. It's so much better to go into the second day with the lead, but you still have to finish the job.

We'll start with the first one with Venus playing at 10:00 and focus on that one. But, yeah, it's huge to come through the two. There were tense moments in both the first and second matches, so it was great to be able to get through both of them.

Q. The two matches were up and down. Maybe not as dramatic the second match; both were erratic. Do the conditions have anything to do with that? How much do they have to do?
CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ: Well, I think both for Venus and Sloane, they haven't played a singles match in quite a while. So it's getting back into that rhythm and match play.

I've said this before: When you play Fed Cup it's a different type of tension, a different type of expectation. You got to get in the moment. I thought the crowd were phenomenal and got behind both players when the points were important.

But I was really proud of how Sloane fought back in the second set. She played some of her best tennis the last three or four games.

And how Venus stayed relaxed even when she was 5-4 and continued to apply pressure and then played really well in the second set.

Q. Going back to Sloane, when you're a captain sitting there and all of sudden the score is 3-zip, what kind of thoughts are going through your mind to try and calm her or help?
CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ: Well, I try to look more at how the points are being played. I don't look at the score as much. I felt that after the first set where she was really dictating and attacking short balls, using her forehand more, it changed.

I just tried to remind her of what was working and to try to get back to it as quickly as possible. I felt she was in every game. She really had the opportunity to go on that kind of run that she did. So it was just a reminder, Okay, keep looking for the short ball; keep pushing her back.

Because once the points started to play according to the way Sloane needed to play, it changed.

Q. Thank you, Venus, for all your good work today. In regular, individual tennis you don't have the benefit of having a coach, captain sitting with you. How is this different for you in Fed Cup where Mary Joe can be with you on the changovers?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Definitely different. Definitely a positive. I think I'm just a very even-keeled player, so hopefully that's easy on Mary Joe.

You know, just little pointers always help because sometimes you don't see everything. So just to be able to have real-time corrections is very similar actually to most other sports, you know?


Q. You talked yesterday about the element of fun you enjoy about Fed Cup. Would you enjoy being a captain in the future?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't think I could. Mary Joe works really hard. (Laughter.)


VENUS WILLIAMS: She's out every day in the sun. It's a lot of work.

CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ: It is, but she would make a phenomenal captain.

VENUS WILLIAMS: You deal with different personalities, so you have to have a lot of the patience and energy and have to be able to inspire. It's not easy shoes to be in, so...

Mary Joe thinks I can, so...

CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ: She could. As she said, she is very even-keeled. I think she would make a phenomenal captain. She's the best role model and leader. I think when you demand that respect and people look up to you it makes sense, so...

Q. Venus, your response to that made me think of what you've brought to tennis for the United States, you and your sister. I just wanted to thank you for it.

Q. You've brought such highlights I don't think we've had in ever.

Q. You guys have a big day tomorrow but it's Super Bowl Sunday. Cheering for a team? Have any predictions?
VENUS WILLIAMS: What time in the Super Bowl?

CAPTAIN FERNANDEZ: I didn't even know the Super Bowl was tomorrow.

Q. 1:30.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Is it 1:30? This is our Super Bowl right here. We can't play for them and they can't play for us, so we'll be focused tomorrow.

If we finish, which we probably won't, we watch the game. Hopefully there will be a replay somewhere at some point.

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