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February 7, 2016

Henrik Stenson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Your thoughts on finishing in a prominent position?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I'm happy with these three weeks. I think I got a lot of good answers. The knee was holding up better than expected I think. It's in the right direction with that. So that was good.

And I got two really good results, in Abu Dhabi and here in Dubai, that's good, and a lot of good work with my team and feel like I've moved some of the processes and decisions forward in terms of my game. Yeah, I'm going to go back home to Florida and rest some and then practice before Doral, which is my next outing.

Q. Probably asked the same in Abu Dhabi, but does it surprise you how good things are going?
HENRIK STENSON: I know I can play well around here. I've done some good results in the past. I like these golf courses. Yeah, I was just playing a bit better than I had done the other years. I don't know, maybe a bit more rested from golf because of the injury. You only focus on your rehab and probably a little bit more up for playing, even though it's a short break between seasons. All in all, a lot of positives coming out of these three weeks.

Q. With plenty of red figures, did you think there was a sniff of a chance?
HENRIK STENSON: Not really. I think the scoring was too good and I was too far behind. But it's always nice to get up on the leaderboard, even though you're probably going to get passed by a few of the boys later on.

Yeah, I just tried to play a good round and I did, and my playing partner, Byeonghun An, did the same.

Q. Current state with the knee, with the foot?
HENRIK STENSON: It's good. I came off the anti-inflammatories, Tuesday, Wednesday time. I felt a little bit off Friday's outing but then over the weekend, it has not really swelled up. I'm pleased with the progress and I'll be 100 per cent in the next month or so.

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