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February 6, 2016

Bryce Molder

Scottsdale, Arizona

A flash interview with:


Q. Eight birdies, just one bogey, that's a way to get into contention right there. Nice playing.
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah. I mean, it was a nice day. It wasn't the cleanest or best round that I have played, but my good shots ended up good and I made putts. My poor shots I got away with.

Actually, I made a couple of birdies on my back 9. I hit it in the bunker into a tough spot, made a birdie. Next hole I hit into the rough. Ended up making birdie. That was 5 and 6.

When those kind of things happen, you can turn a pretty good day into 7-under.

Q. You handled the front 9 well. Did something click as you made the turn?
BRYCE MOLDER: I made probably three 20-footers. That makes things click. I almost made a putt from about 10 feet that I just missed right on 1. After that I pretty much made everything I looked at. When that's going for you -- and a lot of it is, you know, when you hit good shots, it actually ends up -- you know, that doesn't always happen. So that's nice.

I mean, I got to No. 9, a hard hole to get it close to, right on the bunker. Ended up with a perfect full 9-iron. So those are the little things that when a 64 comes around sometimes happens for you.

Q. You've put together some pretty strong rounds the last couple months. Do you feel like your game is really getting to that point where you...
BRYCE MOLDER: Yeah, I think I worked -- I worked a lot this offseason and I have a putter that I really like. So, for me, the putter is where I feel positive and when I'm playing poorly to get it back there to keep it going. So I have had a lot of good putting rounds. I think that's a big part of it.

Q. What did you go to with the putter?
BRYCE MOLDER: I went to, I guess -- my buddy, Matt Kuchar, left arm, it always -- I practiced with that all last year just because it felt right. I have always had my hands forward. I actually didn't have to change the loft on the putter. I didn't have to change much. It just fit.

I played with it all offseason in just kind of some fun money games. And then when I got over to La Quinta, it felt good early on. Felt like this is right.

Q. Do you play this course quite a bit?
BRYCE MOLDER: I play every year, but I never play between. I practice a lot every year, but I get a lot of rounds of golf. I'm a member 10 minutes up the road so I end up playing there more than anything.

Q. It's different with a practice round here with nobody here and what you face.
BRYCE MOLDER: Especially if you play in September before they start putting the stadium up, you know, it's certainly a lot different. You play that hole and there is no backdrop, it's actually a weird shot and almost an uncomfortable shot to hit.

Then you walk in there on Saturday and they have been waiting for three hours for a group to come through and it's uncomfortable, too. There's really not much like that in golf, and there was a lot of energy. It can go both ways. Fortunately today it went well.

Q. Have you always enjoyed that?
BRYCE MOLDER: I enjoy it. I mean, it makes you nervous. Anybody who says he's not nervous is lying to you. It's cool. We don't get that in golf. And so unless I'm in a final group with somebody notable, there is never that many people watching me play. So when you pull off a shot and you're able to enjoy that, you know, that's pretty cool for us.

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