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February 6, 2016

Andy Sullivan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. After spotting the field two strokes on the very first hole of the tournament, you've absolutely not put a single blemish on your scorecard. How are you doing it this week, no bogeys since the opening hole; pretty good stuff around this golf course?
ANDY SULLIVAN: I think I just found something with my driving. I was struggling with it in Abu Dhabi, struggled with it on Thursday, just a bit more rhythm on the ball and managed to keep it in the fairways. The times I have missed the fairways, I seem to get a birdie in the right place and recover somehow. Things seem to be going my way at the moment.

Q. Speaking of Abu Dhabi, I ran into captain Darren Clarke on The Ryder Cup Team and he said, listen, watch out for this Andy Sullivan kid, he is really good. How special to be on that Ryder Cup Team this fall?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Massive. Obviously it's every European's dream to play in a Ryder Cup. So I know that I'm going to have to play just as good as last year, if not better, if I'm going to be on that side. Part and parcel of doing well this week is obviously cranking up the points to get up the leaderboard on that.

Like I said, if I just keep improving and try to keep my feet on the ground, I'll give myself the best chance of making the team.

Q. I just was speaking to your manager, and he said five years ago, you were working in a supermarket putting up groceries to keep the dream alive. Now three wins last season, you're in prime shape to go ahead and make a charge tomorrow to win another event. Life's pretty good right now for Andy Sullivan, isn't it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's very good. Good on the golf course, good away from it, got another little one on the way. Life's very good. It's easy for me to go out there and enjoy it and try and smile about everything good or bad. So hopefully that will make my golf improve and go out there and shoot some good numbers.

Q. Round of 66 again, this is lovely golf, isn't it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: It's very nice. Blemish-free again, hit another poor tee shot on 16, and only time I was really in trouble today, I made 30 foot from that. Not sure I want to keep it in the fairways; keep it in the trees and making birdies.

Drove the ball well and gave myself lots of opportunities today and hit a lot of putts that didn't go which ^ very satisfying to be on the position I am in the leaderboard and can't wait until tomorrow now.

Q. Elaborate on blemish-free, the first hole, and that was the only one of the week?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Double-bogey, hit the tree and went out-of-bounds. Since then, the driver's behaved itself and I've been hitting it really good. Like I say, just give myself a lot of opportunities from the fairway, really, so it makes a big difference, in Abu Dhabi at the weekend, I didn't hit many fairways and struggled to make birdie.

So the key for me this week is try to get in that fairway. I know my iron play is really good this week, so if I keep on doing that, I know I'm going to give myself chances.

Q. Is this the result of a lot of work between Abu Dhabi and here and just honing the game?
ANDY SULLIVAN: My coach gave me a load of stuff I needed to do before I went away from Abu Dhabi and it's nice just to have a week off and try to impart some of that stuff, and luckily enough I've come here and swinging it well, and it's all going well.

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