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February 5, 2016

Chad Campbell

Scottsdale, Arizona

A flash interview with:


Q. It's always a thrill to make a hole-in-one, I imagine. What was that swing like?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it was great. I was actually trying to hit it in the middle of the green and just kinda pushed it over there at the pin. It was the right number and it went in. Always nice to see those.

Q. How great is that giving you momentum going into tomorrow and the weekend?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it's good. I was starting to play a little bit better on the front 9, which is the back, and it was nice to see that go in and finish up with a birdie there on No. 9, the last hole.

Q. The sponsor, giving someone a free mortgage for a year, that's kind of a cool feeling with that happening?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It is. That was cool. It's nice what they do and nice to help somebody out.

Q. Last one, it was just before the contest started last year, tell me -- they said 194. Was that the yardage?

Q. And the club?

Q. What did you see when you hit it? How did it feel?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It felt great. Like I said, I was trying to hit it in the middle of the green. It moved from the middle of the green, and it just stayed there. A few people around the green went crazy. Not too many people out there.

Q. Do you know how many you've had on tour?
CHAD CAMPBELL: On tour I think four or five.

Q. Then as far as your outlook for the weekend, I didn't hear everything you said. Obviously it makes you feel good, but this course, how does it fit your game? How do you like it?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I like it. I think I have played here every year I have been on tour. I like it.

The crowds are great. I look forward to this weekend. Hopefully I can keep on playing the way I'm playing.

Q. Why are you playing so well the last few months? What's changed? What's different? What's going on?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Good question. I wish I knew. I think just a little bit of the hard work I put in, in all honesty, the last couple of years. Seeing some benefits from that.

Q. Specific?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Everything.

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