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February 5, 2016

Andy Sullivan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. Finishing at 8-under, your thoughts on that?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Just really pleased the way I played today. I thought it was really tough out there and I think scoring shows it's quite tough out there today. For me, I give myself a lot of chances out there today. I was getting a bit frustrated at times that I wasn't taking them but sort of got a bit of a reality check when you hit it in trouble on 12 and then you chip-in for birdie. It's the only time I found myself in trouble and ended up making birdie. Just trying to stay patient, as my caddie would say. But fantastic position for the weekend, and the driver has come back to the fairway again, so that's always a bonus.

Q. Particularly in windy conditions.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, for sure. Abu Dhabi, I think it cost me a few shots, the driver. I couldn't really find the fairway at the weekend there. Yesterday, starting to get a little bit better and today felt like I had it back on a string again. It was nice to have that and moving it both ways, as well.

Bodes well for the weekend and hopefully continue that.

Q. What's this down to, is it work, application --
ANDY SULLIVAN: I think for me it was just a little bit of rust after the winter break and stuff. I didn't feel my driving was quite on it, sort of thing. My swing had crept back into a few old habits. Luckily the putter was saving me for the few events at the start of the year. They have come back now, like I say, the driver is back on a string, which is great and the putter is continuing to be hot, which is awesome.

Q. Position on the board couldn't be much better?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, it's a nice little position to be in, just tucked in there one behind the leaders at the moment. It will be good. It will be fun to have a run at them on the weekend.

Q. Are you like everybody, admire the course and the way it has setup and the way the tournament has blossomed down the years?
ANDY SULLIVAN: This is my fourth year now and there's not a blade of grass out of place, absolutely fantastic out there. It's a great, enjoyable week, very relaxed atmosphere and family enjoy it, so it's great.

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