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February 5, 2016

Rafa Cabrera Bello

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. 67, 67, difficult conditions this afternoon, obviously not so much as for you. What's working well for you out there this week?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: Well, I mean, today has been a little bit of a different round to yesterday. Yesterday, I really felt I played great to the green. I gave myself lots of chances. I mean, I know it's weird to say that they didn't go in and I end up shooting 5-under. And today was the exact opposite. I didn't play as good, as sharp. It was windy. I didn't quite find my tempo but the putting was extremely hot today. I rolled one of the best putting rounds of my life today, so that made up for everything else.

Q. Coming off of a really nice finish in Abu Dhabi, second last week in Qatar; something the last three weeks has really been clicking for you, hasn't it?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: Yes, my game really is very good at the moment. I'm confident I'm doing all parts of the game good. Today it was just a couple sloppy swings that maybe affected a little bit of the confidence, but I know the game is really sharp. I'm just enjoying golf, also, at the moment. Worked hard over the break and happy to be here competing again and ready.

Q. Building on the win you had in 2012, obviously very different conditions. How are you finding the condition now versus 2012? Are they completely different or somewhat different? How are the changes going to kind of play into how you attack the course this weekend?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: The course setup is a little different. Those days when I won in 2012, it wasn't as windy as it's been these past two afternoons. The similar thing is that there's always a very strong field in this event. You have a lot of hungry players, really, really good players chasing me at the moment, and they are going to go for it. I still need to keep playing aggressive, play my best golf and hopefully roll some putts, too.

Q. Your thoughts on a second successive round of 67 in trying conditions?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: Very satisfied. It was hard out there with the wind. I wasn't as sharp today with the long game, but still not bad. Giving myself lots of birdie chances, but not so close, but the putter was really hot today and that made up for it.

Q. I heard you say it was one of the best rounds on the greens you had.
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: Yes, it won't be too far off. I can only remember Fontana being better in 2009, but beyond that, it's got to be within the top three, yeah.

Q. These greens as good as Fontana this year?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: I've always loved these greens. I've putted really good here before, especially 2012. So I'm putting good, I putted really good today. I putted really good yesterday, even though I hardly holed anything yesterday, but still putted good. And today, they wanted to drop.

Q. I imagine the experience of winning here helps, but the very fact that so very recently you've been so competitive, does that really help when you come into a tournament like this?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: Yeah, I think that helps more, obviously having won here before, it's a bonus. When I'm out there and if it gets to the point of the last few holes on Sunday that I have a chance to win, I know I've done it before, so I can do it again, especially here.

But what really makes a difference is knowing that my game is good and I'm confident and that I had two past good weeks and one really good finish. That has a higher leverage for me.

Q. Probably shouldn't change at all, but how does your attitude change, how does your approach change, when you lead into a weekend?
RAFA CABRERA-BELLO: No, it doesn't change. I mean, I think it's the -- I know I'm leading but it's just by a shot and a huge chasing pack of really great players. So I know I'm leading but I don't feel like I have much to say. I still have to go at it, probably by the time I tee off tomorrow, I won't be leading, so that's the way it look at it.

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