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February 3, 2016

Klaudia Jans-Ignacik

Magda Linette

Paula Kania

Aljicja Rosolska

Kailua Kona, Hawaii, USA


THE MODERATOR: Questions for the Polish team, please.

Q. Easy one to start you off. Is this your first time in Hawaii, and what are your impressions and how is your preparation going as you're kind of getting closer to the weekend? Anybody can answer.
PAULA KANIA: All right, so I'll start. Yeah, it's actually our first time for all of us. Yeah, yeah, we really enjoying the time here. The weather is beautiful. Completely different than Poland. It's a really nice place. It's a really good place for Fed Cup.

KLAUDIA JANS-IGNACIK: I think we should play always Fed Cup just on the islands. That would be the best. (Laughter.)

Q. When you're out there playing Fed Cup, does it feel dramatically different than playing at a regular tournament, the atmosphere or the way that your goals are set?
PAULA KANIA: Of course, because on a tournament usually we play under our own name, so it's really amazing to play for your own country.

It's like in the tough moments you always have your team that is behind your back and you can always look up to them and they give you like extra energy.

I think this is the first thing that really helps you on the court, and I really like it. Usually you feel like really alone sometimes on the court, but here you have like really friends and we have amazing team.

I think we all enjoy it a lot. I think the second thing is that we have always people that cheer for you. Maybe not here we don't have so many, but if you play in your home country the Fed Cup I think it's also amazing feeling that you play for your own country and they come there to support you.

So it's really great.

Q. Any of you watch the trophy presentation after the women's singles at the Australian Open? Different than most trophy presentations. Just the reaction of the two players I think is what I'm talking about.
KLAUDIA JANS-IGNACIK: Yeah, you are saying about Serena and Angie, how Serena was acting? Yeah, that was amazing. Like Serena gave respect to Angelique for her first Grand Slam final and winning.

Everyone was surprised, but this picture I think we want to see on more finals and more tournaments.

The respect in our days, I think it's a wars with a great meaning.

Q. What are your goals for this weekend? Beyond winning, what goals do you have as a team? I won't make everybody answer individually, but just thinking it's something beyond what it usually is.
ALICJA ROSOLSKA: Actually, we have a new team, new coach, and I feel like we are really good team. We support each other. We practice really good.

So our goal is to keep this all the time up to support each other, and of course during the weekend step on court and beat the opponent. So our goal is just to come here, have a great time, but win the matches.

PAULA KANIA: Yeah, the goal is to keep the great atmosphere in the team. Well, yeah, we try to, you know, play our best tennis and perform as best we can, you know, for people. We hope they going to enjoy it.

We definitely came here not just to play, but to win. So, yeah. (Laughter.) I hope going to work.

KLAUDIA JANS-IGNACIK: I think that we don't need to add anything. Girls said already anything. I'm happy that they are here with me, and we will be fighting until the last point on Saturday and Sunday.

Q. When you were growing up, was the Fed Cup something you aspired and hoped to be on the Fed Cup team at one time?
MAGDA LINETTE: Of course it's a huge honor. When we play on a bit lower schedule we look up to better players like Agnieszka and Ula. Especially I think me and Paula, we are a bit younger, so it's dream come actually true to be part of the right team and fighting.

There no better like team competition than this one, so I think we're just honored we can be here and we'll just do our best and play as good a we can.

That's it.

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