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February 4, 2016

Peter Hanson

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q. 5-under par in some tricky windy conditions out there?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, it was good. Happy with the first round. Felt like I left a few shots on the front nine, which always plays harder on this golf course, and took full advantage of the back nine.

Q. Your front nine, that back nine, spectacular, five birdies.
PETER HANSON: Yeah, it's good. This golf course is just so amazing. We've been here so many times over the years, and you take advantage of the par 5s and maybe roll in a few more putts here and there, and you can get off to a good start for me, but we'll see again this week. It's a brilliant back nine.

Front nine, you've got hole No. 2 and 3 where I screwed up a little bit, didn't take advantage. Short 5-iron into the green on No. 3, and I only managed to make par. 2, I almost drove the green. The short game still needs a bit of work but the long game feels very solid.

I'm extremely happy with tee-to-green, feels very, very comfortable, and I can shape it both ways. Feeling very, very comfortable standing over the ball. Chipping, not so much. I still have quite a bit of work to do around the greens, and my putting has been, like Abu Dhabi, a bit up-and-down. When it's on, it's on, and all of a sudden I miss a couple of short ones. Still a bit of work to do to feel 100 per cent confident.

Q. I take it there's a level of confidence or comfort, as well, coming back to Dubai because you do know the course so well. I know it's evolved and changed a little bit, but you know where to hit it.
PETER HANSON: Yeah, that's true. I was lucky enough to be invited down here in '96 to play the Amateur Championship, and been back pretty much every year since. Just a great spot to come to, and I love this golf course, and it's just a nice treat coming down here.

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