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February 3, 2016

Lexi Thompson

Ocala, Florida

LEXI THOMPSON: It went well. I mean, I hit it great. I had a great front nine. Back nine I hit it good once again, just didn't putt very well.

Q. What was the difference in the feeling of your stroke? You got it really going there early on, four birdies in five holes. What was the different feeling on the back nine?
LEXI THOMPSON: You know, I think the whole day I stroked it really well. The one I missed on 13, the short one, that was a bad stroke. But you know, the next few putts, they were all good putts, just I guess maybe not as confident. But I think the whole day I stroked it well.

Q. Had you guys played together before?
LEXI THOMPSON: Me and Brooke? Oh, yeah, a ton.

Q. You're both up-and-coming young players. Do you guys feel it, too, that there's something special when you play together?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, yeah, she's a great talent, and she draws really big crowds, too, so it's great to see the talent at a young age, just the game growing. With her, Lydia and me out here, it's great to see, and she's got a great attitude on the golf course. Obviously an amazing talent, so it's great to play with her.

Q. She pops it out there pretty well for her size. Were you surprised at how much --
LEXI THOMPSON: I always knew she was a very powerful player. She definitely did gain some distance, that's for sure, but it's all about hitting fairways out here, and that she does.

Q. Is this golf course tough for your game with how tight it is off the tee in spots?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean, it's definitely challenging. You have to keep it in the fairway with it being tree-lined, and then the rough is only about an inch deep, but you're going to get some gnarly lies and some fliers, so you've got to keep it in the fairway.

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