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February 3, 2016

Cristie Kerr

Ocala, Florida

Q. I know you were bummed with the start, but 31 on the back is not bad, huh?
CRISTIE KERR: No, I played -- honestly, I made the most of what I had today. I hit it so bad. I mean, I actually hit my driver much better.

Q. You hit it bad and shot 31 on the back nine?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, pretty much. I got up and down every single time I needed to to keep momentum going. Of course I hit some good shots on the back, but I also made some long putts, and I'm glad I have the whole afternoon to practice.

Q. I was going to say, it seemed like it was a little -- you played great at times in PureSilk and then had some times where you didn't play as great. Is that just a process?
CRISTIE KERR: It's getting back in the swing of things for me, and this back nine today was super important for me, and I knew like -- I mean, that's the great thing about me, I think, sometimes, and I think you can ask caddies that have caddied for me is that sometimes when I don't have it I can find a way to get it done. I was just trying to stay positive, keep a positive attitude, and because of that I just made it happen on the back.

Q. Are you feeling pretty good, though, about early in the year how many times it seems like you've found it so far already this year?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, yeah, but it's -- like one of the goals I want this year is consistency, and for me, you know, consistency with my hitting, I've been very consistent with my mental game besides the first nine holes of the year this year, and I've just got to keep moving in the right direction.

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